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After losing in battle to Colossus, your soul has been taken. And now... It’s time you meet the true villain. Thank you Unity fo the awesome thumbnail!

A New Dawn is the tenth level in the Black Heart collection, and the final level of Black Heart Chapter 1. It features Jestar Heart as the main boss.



The screen is black, with a message stating "finally, you died... And now you respawned right into my trap."} A black heart descends from the top, revealing Jestar.

The time has come! Thanks to collosus... I got my hands on the first soul. And now I will take your 2 remaining souls! And with them I will be Unstoppable! My name is Jestar Heart. I've been watching you for a long time. Just waiting for one of my assassins to defeat you. Failure after failure... They all Failed me! And for that they will be locked forever in my Heart Locket
- Jestar Heart, A New Dawn

Jestar then shows the Heart locket.

With this soul I will be strong enough to fight you. Each soul will give me new powers. With this one I will be able to give life. And with the 3 of them... I will become as powerful as a god!
- Jestar Heart, A New Dawn

Jestar inserts the soul into his crown.

I will destroy this world, and I'll bring it to A New Dawn under my control. I can feel the power going through my veins! Now it's time! LET'S GO CRAZY!
- Jestar Heart, A New Dawn

Checkpoint 1

Jestar grows wings, while rotating square bullets fall from the top. Jestar shoots lasers from his hands, then turns into the Heart Cannon shooting three beams. He also flies across the screen and shoots bullets from his wings. This attack pattern repeats twice. Jestar stops attacking to speak some more.

You don't get it, do you...? I become stronger every second. Don't expect me to feel mercy. I can't feel such feelings.
- Jestar Heart, A New Dawn

Checkpoint 2

Jestar summons a grid of squares that move horizontally, and spiked squares that move across the screen. Jestar will also create lasers, turn into the Heart Cannon, and laugh and create an expanding square from himself.

Checkpoint 3

A circular arena forms on the edges of the screen and Jestar grows in size. Jestar turns his arms into chains and spins them around, as bullets come from the edges. The screen becomes gray and a black heart pulses and expanding squares come out of it. Jestar then appears.

That's It! I've Had Enough of you! Hand over the souls! That's your last chance! I'm done playing games with you!
- Jestar Heart, A New Dawn

Checkpoint 4

Jestar goes into the background and grows to fill the entire screen. Jestar slams his hand together to attack, and summons a Heart Cannon. The attacks switch to beams being fired out of his hands, bullets coming from the top, and another Heart Cannon.

Checkpoint 5

Jestar flies to the top of the screen, becomes smaller, and grows wings again. Rain starts to fall in the background, and the camera starts to move upwards. A row of rotating squares is at the bottom of the camera. Jestar creates lasers and bullets before stopping.

Enough... I've got something special for you. Get in. I'll tear these souls out of you later...
- Jestar Heart, A New Dawn

The screen fades to black, and another message appears. "With the power of the first soul, my creation is born." Medusa briefly appears as the level ends.


  • A New Dawn the first level in Black Heart to heavily rely on story. Most of the story details are revealed in it through Jestar’s monologue.



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