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For levels using the Creo song, see Aura (Disambiguation).

Aura is a boss character created by Ol666 who appears in the Black Heart collection. She is one of Jestar Heart's assassins, and was sent with Nautilus to kill the player.


Black Heart Chapter 1

Aura first appeared alongside Nautilus in First Crush, where they both attacked the player together. She didn't reappear until her namesake level Aura, where she fought the player herself after Nautilus failed. After failing to defeat the player herself, Aura was imprisoned in the Heart Locket.

Black Heart Chapter 2

Aura appears in Surface Tension as one of the petrified assassins, being the last one shown before Nautilus. At the end of the level after the Heart Locket is destroyed, her statue can be seen lying on the ground in the ruins beside Nautilus.



Aura is a purple hexagon with thin, vertical eyes and circular arms. She wields a wand with a blue, hexagonal gem, and wears a dark purple witch hat.


All of Aura's attacks are seemingly magical in origin, with some even coming from her wand.

  • Summoning hexagon bullets in a ring around her body.
  • Shooting blue fireballs and bullets from her wand.
  • Forming into a giant red heart with Nautilus.
  • Summoning heart-tipped pillars that shoot out red bullets.
  • Duplicating into clones of herself



  • Aura is named after her level's song Aura, similar to Nautilus and Medusa.
  • Aura and Nautilus are canonically in a relationship with each other.
  • Aura’s design was upgraded for Song of Storms to a more detailed version with hair added.
  • Aura's attacks were inspired by the Mimi boss fight in Super Paper Mario.[1]


  1. "yea that mimi boss fight was the inspiration for aura" - ol666, 1/20/2021, Vitamin Games server



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