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After Nautilus’s failure attempt to steal your soul Aura is stepping into the battlefield! Thank you Airsea for the awesome thumbnail!

Aura is a level in the Black Heart collection created by ol666. It features the titular boss Aura as an opponent.



A beating red heart sends out bullets from the center of the screen as hexagon snakes come up from the bottom. The heart eventually cracks and Aura makes her entrance into the fight. After she appears, the snakes continue, with lasers and shockwaves appearing. The checkpoint ends with Aura summoning spinning lasers from her body and then summoning a ring of orbiting bullets around herself.

Checkpoint 1

Aura moves to the top right and sends out a shockwave, followed by two waves of bullets from her wand. She curves across the bottom of the screen to go to the top left, where she attacks again with bullets. She moves to the center as laser beams appear, and then pulls in a giant hexagon wall while sending out a ton of bullets. She repeats this attack pattern once again.

Checkpoint 2

As Aura’s orbiting bullets fly outward, a hexagon shaped wall closes in on the screen as Aura vanishes. Hexagon bullets fly in from outside of the wall as the wall spins. The section ends with Aura reappearing from the top of the screen, descending back into the battlefield.

Checkpoint 3

Aura creates a clone of herself and summons five heart-tipped pillars at the bottom of the screen. The pillars send out bullets as lasers appear, while each Aura takes a turn using the wand to attack with bullets. The pillars eventually recede as each Aura pulls up a wall and slams it to the center, with both walls slamming together. One of the Aura clones disappears and is replaced by a spinning heart in the center of the screen that sends out a spiral of bullets. While the heart does this, Aura teleports around the screen and throws out more bullet waves from her wand.

Checkpoint 4

Hexagon pulses appear across the screen as hexagons slam into the screen from the edges. The hexagons start out small, but halfway through are replaced with giant ones.

Checkpoint 5

This section is essentially the same as the latter half of the opening, with Aura present. At the end of this, Aura falls to the ground after a flash of light. The screen fades to black and the Black Heart logo is shown to conclude the level.



  • The level description originally said “Don’t let your guard down because Aura got that battle spirit!”
  • The heart in the beginning is seemingly the same one from First Crush, however, Nautilus doesn’t appear to be in it as well.




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