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A dangerous virus named Colossus attacks the body! Don't let him infect you. even if things seem hopeless... Don't let him win. Thank you Zlucky for the awesome thumbnail! big thanks to CrAzY TrAiN for helping me animate the white blood cells! >:D

Exoplanet is the ninth level in the Black Heart Collection created by ol666. It features the boss Colossus, a virus that the player fights as a white blood cell inside of one's body.



The level will open with an image of an upside down heart with eyes. Two flesh-colored walls appear, one on the left side and one on the right. King Crazy comes up through the center of the screen and summons several Hal-like white blood cells. He’ll disappear as the screen starts to scroll up. While going up, spikes will emerge from the walls and bullets will rain from the sky. Both of these should be avoided. Bubbles on the bottom of the screen will keep you from not moving upwards. One by one, the other white blood cells will be killed, until the only one that remains is the player. After all the other blood cells are killed off, a couple of lasers will take over for attacks.

The scrolling eventually slows to a stop as a heart is shown with Colossus standing over it. He’ll infect the heart, turning it green, and throw it aside. A bar labeled “infection” appears at the bottom of the screen as the fight against Colossus begins.

Checkpoint 1

Colossus’s first phase has a variety of attacks, including spitting out bullets and spikes from its body, ejecting giant circles from its mouth, as well as an occasional beam. Colossus also has an attack where he creates two chains of spiked balls, and circles them around 180 degrees, forcing the player to dash through both of them. Along with Colossus’s attacks, some of the cells that are horizontal will turn green and then shoot out a giant horizontal triangle, before turning back into a normal cell. The infection level also increases to ⅕ of full capacity(CHECK PLEASE).

Checkpoint 2

Colossus will attach himself to a wall at the top of the screen, turning it green. He’ll swing left and right as some blocks will fall and bullets appear. Spiked bullets also appear from the bottom of the screen.

Checkpoint 3

Colossus turns itself into a single spiked ball. A row of cells comes from below, completely surrounding the player. Colossus then begins bouncing off the cells, around the screen, spitting some bullets at the beginning of the section. On top of that, the occasional cell will turn green and shoot out a big triangle horizontally. About a quarter through the checkpoint, two of the cells get infected and join Colossus in bouncing around the screen. During this second half, this is the only attack as the cells that get infected only for a brief period are gone. About halfway through the checkpoint, Colossus goes back to the center of the screen, where the bottom row of cells disappear, and green spiked bullets start emerging from the ground. Colossus opens his eyes and spits out 24 bullets. The bullets from Colossus are briefly replaced by the horizontal triangles, before the screen zooms in. Colossus begins to crack, and continues to crack as the screen zooms out, revealing a giant hollow circle around it and the player. Note that during this checkpoint the infection level goes from about halfway full to 100%.

Checkpoint 4

The giant hollow circle constantly has triangle spikes coming out of it, forcing the player to a small area under Colossus’s mouth. During this section, Colossus slowly turns a full 360 degrees while shooting giant projectiles out of its mouth and spikes and bullets from its body. Colossus will also shoot a beam out of its mouth occasionally. Once Colossus makes a full 360, he begins turning a tiny bit one way, shooting a giant projectile then turning a little bit the other way. About halfway through the checkpoint, the screen starts zooming in toward the general area of where the player should be. As the screen zooms in, the player slowly turns green, showing infection. The background then turns to black and the following text appears. “Finally” “Your soul is mine…” “To be continued…” The level ends with a slightly glitched Black Heart logo, although the actual color of the heart is white.



  • King Crazy makes a cameo appearance at the beginning.
  • At the end of level, Jestar Heart seems to be the one speaking to the player.
  • Originally the level only used single white squares for other white blood cells. They were later changed in an update to match the player's appearance, with King Crazy making a cameo to summon them as Crazy Train had helped to create the new animations.
    • The level originally had a different thumbnail as well. This was changed to be the current thumbnail created by zlucky.



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