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With the power of one soul, Perry GETs BACK...
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Funk Hole is a Advanced difficulty level created by ol666 for the Black Heart level collection. It is the third level in the second chapter and features Predator, a transformed Perry, as a boss.



The level opens with Jestar Heart pulling Perry's dead body up from the ground and bringing him back to life, promptly beginning his transformation into Predator afterward. In this section, there are some ghosts that throw bones upwards to dodge.

Perry will float upwards to the center of the screen, sending out a shockwave. Following this are vein-like attacks, blinking bullets, and lasers from the transforming Perry. As the song builds up, Perry's corners become rounded, his eye becomes yellow, and his body red. By the first checkpoint, Perry's transformation is finished.

Checkpoint 1

"Get Back" appears on the screen, as Predator will grow arms and throw himself across the screen while firing lasers. Then he opens his mouth and starts biting while spinning and firing lasers in between the four bodies. This section ends with Predator pulling itself offscreen.

Checkpoint 2

Single pieces of predator dash around the screen, leaving bullets behind. Occasionally multiple pieces will come together to shoot out a giant laser. The section ends with Predator growing and throwing each segment to a corner of the screen.

Checkpoint 3

The pieces of Predator will shift around the screen in a maze-like fashion. Halfway through, they form together and fire a laser at the top of the screen, creating a molten bar that sends out bullets.

Checkpoint 4

This section is a direct reference to another Funk Hole level. Predator will pull the player towards him from the right, requiring you to keep moving left. During this, Predator will send out lasers with every bite, while four triangles mounted on the meaty wall behind it send lasers out as well. The section ends with a giant laser from Predator as it goes offscreen.

Checkpoint 5

The screen begins scrolling to the right, with bullets and ghost attacks coming from clouds at the bottom of the screen. Occasionally Predator will come back onscreen momentarily to shoot a giant laser.

The screen scrolling stops with a giant laser in the center of the screen, and an orb of Predator flesh growing while sucking in bullets at the center. As soon as it grows big enough to have an eye, Predator begins to spit out bullets that swirl into the corners of the screen and transform into sawblades. The sawblades quickly begin to close in on the screen, forcing the player into the center.

Checkpoint 6

Predator starts by pulling itself to the top of the screen and shooting down a laser. Then all four segments go out to the edges of the screen and fire lasers inwards. The rest of this section is simply repeating the laser attacks from earlier. This is a reference to the level Spooky Jack by Crazy Train.

Checkpoint 7

A reference to Doomsday Machine by AirTech. A circular arena closes in on the player. Each of Predator's segments will go outside of the arena, shooting lasers while spinning. Bombs will come in from outside the arena as well.

Checkpoint 8

Two of Predator's segments roll across the bottom and top of the screen, followed with Predator pulling walls around the screen and shooting out lasers. Then the rolling and walls repeat, finishing with tons of bullets being sent out.

Checkpoint 9

Predator seems to transform back into Perry, sending out tons of bullets while lasers slam in from the outside of the screen. The vein attacks return in this section as well. Just before the end of the level, Predator explodes into tons of red squares, with the screen fading to black.


  • The opening implies that this level takes place in the same location as the Myst fight in Peer Gynt, based on the background setting and the small ghosts attacking.
  • In the opening, one of the small ghosts is wearing Perry's hat.
  • When Jestar begins Perry's transformation process, the moon in the night sky turns red.
  • This level marks a comeback for the Black Heart series, with there being an 8-month gap since the previous level in it (Medusa).




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