How Deep is Your Love (ol666)

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Whatever you do, Don't listen to Siren's voice! she uses it to attract her prey. Thank you Unity for the awesome thumbnail!

How Deep is Your Love is a level in the Black Heart collection created by ol666. It features Siren, a talking boss, as the main opponent.



Siren moves onscreen from the top and begins singing, releasing small bullet explosions. Afterwards, she moves up to the top right of the screen, drawing bubbles into her mouth and then attacking with a spiral of them. She curves across the bottom of the screen and returns to the middle. The checkpoint ends with the five eyes orbiting her opening.

Checkpoint 1

A giant wave of water covers the bottom of the screen occasionally, as blue square bullets rain down from the bottom. The waters are interrupted by a pair of giant fists on both the top and bottom of the screen.

Checkpoint 2

Siren’s orbiting eyes open, and square blue bullets rain down from the bottom. Siren grows to a giant size and then flips the screen, sending out a spiral then an explosion of bullets.

Checkpoint 3

This secion uses similar gameplay to Checkpoint 1 initially. About halfway through, a circular wall closes in, with Siren growing so that her body fits perfectly inside of it. The only space left is between her orbiting eyes. The wall grows to allow more space, with Siren’s eyes forming into grey bars. These continue to rotate while Siren sends out bullet explosions and waves over the top and bottom of the screen. The section ends with Siren moving upwards and summoning a wave that takes up most of the bottom of the screen, followed by her leaving to the top.

Checkpoint 4

The checkpoint begins with fish skeletons floating across the screen. Siren then appears and summons some waves while the dead fish continue to float, before going back to the same attack cycle as the second half of checkpoint 1 in the final checkpoint.

Checkpoint 5

Siren forms five rotating bars from her eyes while sending out small bullet explosions in the center of the screen. Two giant wave attacks on both the top and bottom of the screen appear occasionally. Near the end of this section, a few skeletal fish appear and drift across the screen. The level ends with Siren dissapearing and the screen going black, with the Black Heart logo finishing the level.



  • This is the second Black Heart level to have lyrics.



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