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You don't get it, do you...? I become stronger every second. Don't expect me to show mercy. I can't feel such feelings.
- Jestar Heart, A New Dawn

Jestar Heart, also known as simply Jestar, is the main antagonist of ol666's Black Heart story collection. His ultimate goal is to steal all the player’s souls and ascend to godlike power. He made his debut appearance in A New Dawn, after being hinted at the end of Exoplanet.


Jestar Heart's first known action was the gathering of his assassins. For each of them, he promised something in return for their servitude, such as bribing Solario that he will save him from death if he is successful. He then sent each assassin to steal the player's soul, however, the player survives all assassins except for Colossus, who manages to be successful.

Jestar Heart was hinted at in Exoplanet, but had no interaction with the player. However, he was announced to be the next enemy. After the battle with Colossus, he had received the player's soul.

In A New Dawn, Jestar makes his first physical appearance and reveals that he was behind all of the previous bosses in the Black Heart series, who were his assassins sent to steal the player’s souls. He does battle with the player to steal their two remaining souls. Ultimately, he fails, but ends up defeating the player by locking them in the Heart Locket prison and using the one soul he has to create Medusa. In Surface Tension he attempted to take the other souls from the player but ended up destroying the Heart Locket by accident. He later sent Medusa to attack the player in Medusa. He makes another appearance once again in Funk Hole, where he uses the soul's power to resurrect Perry and transform him into Predator, before leaving the player to fight the monster.



Jestar is a combination of black heart and grey circle as a head and two grey rectangles as hands. He also has an angular, black crown, yellow eyes, and a yellow mouth. Jestar has been shown to have large, white wings as well, as well as two rotating squares positioned on his back. Jestar’s wings are mostly made out of stretched circles.


Jestar is motivated toward his goal of ascension and sees himself as superior to everyone else. He has said himself that he has no sense of mercy or any other “such feelings”.[1] Despite seeing himself as superior, Jestar seems to prefer to hand off work to underlings such as the assassins in The Black Heart series. This may be just a precaution on his part, however, as he said that he would be powerful enough to fight the player with the power of one soul, implying that he wasn’t powerful enough without it. His careless destruction of the Heart Locket in a fight with the player shows his ego sometimes leads to recklessness.[2]


Jestar is extremely powerful following his theft of the player's soul and is capable of a variety of different attacks such as:[1][2]

  • Dashing across the screen
  • Releasing a flurry of spikes from his wings
  • Firing lasers from his eyes or hands
  • Growing to a huge size

Additionally, he gained the ability to create life upon stealing one of the player's souls. He was able to revive Perry[3] and create Medusa[4] using its power.


  • Colossus - He was the first of the assassins who defeated the player. His current state is unknown, but he was not imprisoned in the Heart Locket.
  • Medusa - They were created by Jestar with Aura's magic, Nautilus' body, and the power of the player's first soul.
  • The Player - Jestar is determined to steal all of their souls so that he can gain godlike powers.
  • Puffer, Aura, Solario, Siren, Myst - These assassins failed to defeat the player, so Jestar ordered Medusa to petrify them in the Heart Locket.
  • The Core - The Core was likely used by Jestar to create N.A.T.U. It also was used to guard the Heart Locket in Surface Tension.
  • Irqus - He was not Jestar's assassin but got in the way of Jestar’s plans when he tried to steal the player's soul in Fox. Before he could deal the final blow to the player, he was imprisoned in the Heart Locket and petrified later.
  • Nautilus - Jestar hates him the most, as he was given many chances and failed every time to defeat the player. He was ordered not to be petrified so he can suffer for eternity. After the escape, he became an enemy to Jestar and allied with the player.
  • Perry - He used Perry in an attempt to defeat the player in Funk Hole, by turning him into Predator.


  • Jestar’s design was heavily based on his debut song of A New Dawn, including being built around the attacks used in the level.[5]
  • Black Heart is presumably named after Jestar's titular base shape.
  • Jestar can't feel mercy but can feel fear and/or shame. An example of this is seen just before he destroys the Heart Locket in Surface Tension, realizing the mistake too late.
    • A possible reason for this is that fear and shame are not positive emotions, which are the specific type Jestar seems to be limited from.
    • On the other hand, he does appear happy, but only at the suffering of others, for example, while trapping Nautilus before fighting the player in Surface Tension. This implies Jestar can feel positive emotions, but only through sadistic and cruel acts.
  • Jestar appears in Mutant as one of the shadow bosses. The level features a 45-degree angle view of Jestar as he wields a machine gun, created solely for the level.





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