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jgamer610yt, also known as jgamer610 or Just.Jg, is a Level Designer best known from his levels 19zz and Peer Glynt, as well as collaborations with other creators. He has created over 20 levels.


Jg started off barely knowing how to use the level editor and making good levels. His first spike of improvement came with the level "Get Smooshed" which is his first bossfight level. after that level he started gaining a reputation and is currently developing his own (dropped) level series, Enter: The Void.


  • Ablaze
  • Shaping the New World (unavailable on the workshop)
  • Battle Against a True Hero (unavailable on the workshop)
  • The Core (unavailable on the workshop)
  • Reality Check Through the Skull (unavailable on the workshop)
  • Deltarune- Megalovania (probably also unavailable on the workshop)
  • Creeper
  • Get Smooshed
  • Battle in the Cosmos
  • Slime Boy Color (PACT entree)
  • Sound of Infinity
  • Peer Glynt 2
  • Tabby
  • Peer Glynt
  • Jawbreaker 2
  • Lunar Abyss
  • Peer Gynt
  • White Clouds Full of Rain
  • 19zz


  • Christmas Roast (co-director of joke collab)
  • Azazal- Tabby (Unavailable on the workshop)
  • Yankee With No Brim (Director and Part Maker of joke collab)
  • Oops my system crashed
  • Drop the Bass
  • thuise_is_rswerewaknonadswea (joke ollab by Markuris, DIYDamian, Daneeko, and JGamer610yt)
  • Funny Laughed
  • This level is owned by 5 minute crafts
  • Jawbreaker
  • Megalovania
  • The Speed of Light
  • Epiiiiiic
  • JGamer Jumps in the Caac


  • Sonic Blaster (by Skalt, DIYDamian, and more)
  • Memory (by Mecha, Spitfire, JGamer610yt, and FlameyYT)
  • Nine Circles (by Minenite and JGamer610yt)
  • MoNsTeR (by Xenocrelez and JGamer610yt)
  • Rampage (Hosted by Dre & Jg)