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Medusa is the twelfth level in the Black Heart Collection created by Ol666. It contains the boss Medusa and the character Nautilus.

The strongest assassin and warrior, who stands on top of them all, Medusa, is ready to fight! Thank you Zlucky for the awesome thumbnail!


First Phase

The level opens with a square that is spinning faster and faster, while shooting lasers. A gem appears shortly after, going into the square, which then revealed to be Medusa. Medusa says the following lines while hexagons send projectiles at the screen.

"Jestar told me about you" "He told me..." "How you defeated his main assassins!" "But me..." "I won't let him down" "You can't defeat me" "I'm not like his pathetic Assasins, Aura and Nautilus"

"I'm better. I'm smarter. I'm faster. I'm stronger. I am MEDUSA"

Second Phase

Medusa goes to the right of the screen and starts shaking his hands, shooting hexagons. Then he shoots four lightning strikes, one per beat. Medusa then goes to the left and shoots hexagons again. This attack is followed by Medusa crushing a magical hammers on the ground, causing a small wave and then he floats up a bit, does a hexagon pulse, and shoots two lightning strikes. He then moves to the bottom center of the screen and starts spinning extremely fast, while multiple hexagons come out of him. After that, he clones himself, and both Medusas summon two shockwaves each and they hit the shockwaves, causing them to explode into many hexagons. The two Medusas then hit their hands on the ground, summoning a wave, before merging back to one. Medusa then procceds to spin again like before, while shooting hexagons, and he only stops spinning until the drops ends and the next checkpoint is reached.

Third Phase

Medusa disappears into a flash of light, and numerous balls fly up the screen, along with some exploding hexagons and a lightning strike. This is just a simple intermission and lasts only some seconds.

Fourth Phase

Medusa reappears and summons some rings of lines. Extremely fast projectiles start running across the screen, in time with the music. While this is happening, Medusa is creating two shockwaves in his hands and then he merges them in a flash of light. Projectiles keep running across the screen, and Medusa summons a huge diamond, from bottom left, to bottom right, and two more, from top left and right, to the bottom left and right. He then transforms into a hexagon and starts shooting the same fats projectiles in all directions. Then he summons another hammer, which he smashes into the ground, causing a big wave this time. After that he summons two pairs on triangles that fire three lasers each. It is hard to predict where the lasers will fire, so the players must be careful here. The shockwave and diamond attacks reoccur, with the first diamond being from bottom right to bottom left this time, but after that, Medusa summons a gigantic sawblade and forces the player to move fast to the top, until the drop ends and a checkpoint is reached.

Fifth Phase

Another intermission. The first 1/3 has lasers and hexagons that sweep the screen slowly, from bottom to top. The second 1/3 has waves at left and right sides, while worm-like creatures mad eof circles continuously running across the screen, while hexagons explode and two lightning strikes occur. The last 1/3 has Medusa reappearing and getting ready for his final barrage of attacks. During the first 2/3, the camera pans downwards.

Sixth Phase

Medusa moves again at the left of the screen and shakes his hands while shooting hexagons. Then he summons two lightning strikes per beat, for the next four beats. Medusa then goes to the bottom center and creates a tornado, shooting squares at all directions. After that, he summons two magical hammers and smashes them to the ground, causing another little wave. Then he floats up a bit, does a hexagon pulse, and shoots two lightning strikes again. He then does the same spinning attack he used in the second phase, shooting hexagons in all directions. Three hexagonal rings appear, leaving really little room for the player, and Medusa shoots four lightning strikes again, one per beat. Medusa is then seen again on top while summoning sawblades from both sides. As he is about to kill the player, Nautilus intervenes and knocks Medusa out. For an unknown reason, there is a checkpoint here.


After being knocked out by Nautilus, Medusa is teleported away by Jestar. Nautilus gets angry because he didn't manage to break Medusas' gem before they got away.



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