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MotionIII is a Project Arrhythmia level creator known for typically creating levels that do not feature bosses. He primarily focuses on gameplay, and his levels are usually Moderate to Advanced difficulty.


MotionIII was initially introduced to Project Arrhythmia after first being introduced to Just Shapes and Beats. It quickly became one of his favorite games, so he wanted to look for similar games. This explains why many of his levels are inspired by JSAB. Although he did not originally intend to create levels in PA, he thought it would be funny to make a Peer Gynt level based on what was then an ongoing ARG on his YouTube channel. After realizing he enjoyed creating levels, he would continue to do so in the following years.[1]



  • E.C. - virus character that appears in E.C. Gynt
  • The Conductor - likeness of The Conductor from A Hat in Time, appears in The Battle of Award 42 and Trainwreck of Electro Swing


  • Before Project Arrhythmia, MotionIII primarily used his YouTube channel to post Let's Plays of various games. These videos have since died down.[1]
  • MotionIII has an ultimate goal of creating an original storyline in PA.[1]