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Don't you know it's dangerous to be outside so late? You fell right into my trap! Well..It's dinner time!
- Myst, Peer Gynt

Myst is a boss character in the Black Heart collection created by ol666. He first appeared in Peer Gynt, where he fought against the player to steal their soul as one of Jestar Heart's assassins. When Perry intervened, Myst quickly killed him by eating off his body. After his mission to steal a soul failed, Myst later returned in Surface Tension after petrified by Medusa, alongside the other failed assassins. Myst also appears outside of Black Heart in Peer Gynt v2, where he is Shade's father.



Myst is a white ghost with grey hexagonal hands and circular black eyes with triangles pointing downwars from them. His body can open up to show a normally concealed “mouth” at the bottom. He also has a third hidden eye above his top two visible ones, which occasionally opens when he performs certain attacks.


Myst appears to be confident when fighting the player as an assassin, revealing his trap to them at the start of Peer Gynt. He blames their escape on their own luck, and is caught off guard by the sunrise.


Myst’s weakness is light, and his abilities don’t work in sunlight.

  • Summoning small ghosts that throw bones to attack the player
  • Summoning small ghosts that move around the screen as an attack
  • Short-ranged teleportation
  • Growing to a large size and chomping with his mouth to crush others
  • Attacking with lasers and white energy orbs
  • Attacking with a pulse from his third eye


  • The ghost character requirement in the Gyntening is based on Myst.
    • The recommendation for a vore joke in a Gyntening level comes from Myst’s giant mouth and how he eats Perry alive.



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