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The Nanobot or Nano is the player-character in Project Arrhythmia. It is a square-shaped nanobot with three smaller cubes trailing behind that represent its remaining hit points. Usually it is depicted as pink with a white trail, but its colors can change depending on a level’s color theme.


The player moves Nano using arrow keys or joystick and maneuvers around various obstacles that appear on screen. Nano can also dash through them with high speed using space bar. Each obstacle is timed to level's music and player must endure until the level ends. If the player fails to avoid an obstacle, Nanobot will lose one of three hit points. Once Nano loses every hit point, it will shatter and level will be rewinded to the latest checkpoint.


  • The nanobot is officially nicknamed "Nano", but has been called other names in custom level stories.
    • Although the name "Hal" is often used, this is inaccurate - Hal is the AI responsible for training the nanobots and an entirely separate character.