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Nautilus is a level created by ol666 for the Black Heart collection. It features the titular boss of Nautilus as an opponent.



The level opens with several snakes and bullets coming up from the bottom of the screen. Eventually, giant lasers will accompany them.

Checkpoint 1

Nautilus will rise up in the center of the screen, pulling out both of his hands, and beginning the fight:

  • First, he pulls two walls in, one from the left and right. While pulling this in, he tilts sideways, moving the walls from left and right to top and bottom.
  • Nautilus then slams into the left side of the screen.
  • He'll go to the center of the screen and use a spinning laser attack.
  • Then, he goes offscreen to the right, and rolls around the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Nautilus creates a shockwave by slamming into the ground from the top.
  • He grabs both sides of the screen, spinning it while sending out a few bullets.
  • The laser attack repeats.
  • Nautilus finishes with a giant laser attack that takes up almost all of the screen.

Checkpoint 2

Nautilus begins to dash across the screen while some bullets appear from the bottom.

Halfway through this section, Nautilus will go to the top of the screen and send out several shockwaves, while bullets rise from the bottom still.

Checkpoint 3

Nautilus uses lasers from his hands again while moving around the screen and shooting out bullets. Giant squares will move across the top and bottom of the screen, which can be navigated through. After this attack ends, the bullets and snakes return from earlier. Nautilus will eventually come back onscreen, sending out a large amount of lasers.

Checkpoint 4

This is essentially a repeat of Checkpoint 1, but with the directions of most attacks switched (for example, an attack that would normally come from the left would come from the right.

Checkpoint 5

This section starts out as a repeat of the beginning of Checkpoint 2. After this, Nautilus comes back onscreen and sends out a few laser spinners. The level ends with Nautilus gradually becoming smaller while sending out the lasers. His expression changes to a sad one as he shrinks and falls offscreen to the bottom.




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