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Nowo is a boss character created by Aratonati. It is the main antagonist of the Melodical Escapism pack, appearing in the level Opia. Nowo also is set to appear in-game as part of a side story.



Nowo is usually shown as a green square with a face and a black/white fill. However, Nowo is capable of taking on many different forms as well (all of them retain the base square shape). Depending on the intensity of the song, Nowo can change color ranging from blue, green, yellow, or pink.


Nowo is shown to be very active and attacks aggressively. However, it can get tired from overexerting its attacks. Outside of battle, while Nowo is generally friendly, although it loathes the OwO emoticon and most of its variants. Due to this, it hates Kitcat as well.


  • Slamming into walls
  • Changing in size
  • Creating a grid of rotating lasers
  • Shooting arrow-shaped bullets
  • Using a DJ table to attack with spotlights
  • Attacking with searchlights while moving around a cityscape
  • Attacking with a square pulse



  • Nowo’s name is derived from “No OwO”, relating to its hatred for the OwO emoticon.
  • Nowo cameoed in Nock Em, where it was controlled by Chatterbox for a few seconds.
  • Nowo appears in the RhythmTech series as N.O.W.O.