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Nautilus gets captured and transformed by The Core, a restless killing machine. Thank you Unity for the awesome thumbnail!

Party Time is a level created by ol666 for the Black Heart collection. It features the boss N.A.T.U., which is a combination of The Core and Nautilus.



The Core slowly descends onscreen from the top of the screen. After it finishes coming into view, it activates a tractor beam which pulls up Nautilus to the center of the screen. A pair of robotic arms pulls his hands into the massive metal structure as metal plates begin to fly onscreen and onto Nautilus' body. After his body is entirely covered in the metal, Nautilus begins shooting out small bullets while lasers come out from The Core's gears. At the end of this section, the Core's red eye is placed onto Nautilus' metal shell and activated, completing the N.A.T.U. transformation.

Checkpoint 1

N.A.T.U. shoots a laser, then releases several metal arms, each with a different tool on them in a Swiss army knife fashion. After he sends out five arms, he shoots another laser, and follows up by moving to the top of the screen. From the top of the screen N.A.T.U. slams in two hammers, one on the left and one on the right. The two hammers hit each other at the center of the screen, and the space between them is quickly filled with a laser. After this N.A.T.U. sends out more arms from the top of the screen, and then moves back to the center. From the center N.A.T.U. sends out several bullets in an electrical frenzy. This attack pattern is then repeated tree more times, with different variants for some attacks (for example, the hammer attack becomes a pair of two axes when from the left or right side of the screen).

Checkpoint 2

N.A.T.U. summons two pistons that creates a horizontal wall in the center of the screen. A pair of gears rolls onscreen, with one gear on each side of the wall. Additional pistons slam down into the wall from the top and bottom, along with bullet explosions from N.A.T.U. This pattern is repeated, with the attacks flipped to be vertical. After repeating this attack N.A.T.U. creates a pair of sawblade-tipped arms and spins and moves around the battlefield, occasionally releasing a wave of bullets. The larger Core ship moves back into view while it does this.

Checkpoint 3

N.A.T.U. hits the ground and appears to be depowered, releasing electricity and bullets. The tractor beam once again brings it to the center, as lasers appear from the gears of the Core. When back in the center of the screen, a panel of N.A.T.U. breaks off to reveal Nautilus inside. After this, lasers are released from Nautilus' body. Eventually, an arm of The Core slams downward into Nautilus as the two metal plates are put back in place. Nautilus' hands - now covered in Core machinery - are released from The Core's ship.

Checkpoint 4

N.A.T.U. moves to the top of the screen and begins shooting lasers from both its hands and eyes. He follows up with a barrage of mechanical arms and a flurry of bullets. The lasers and arms are repeated again, with N.A.T.U. moving to the center of the screen afterwards. Once centered, N.A.T.U. begins rotating and shooting lasers from his hands, followed with mechanical arms and then bullets once again. After this, the lasers and arms are repeated once more.

Checkpoint 5

N.A.T.U.'s hands move to the left and right sides of the screen, with his body staying in the center. He sends out pistons from the center while the hands shoot lasers. After a flurry of bullets, N.A.T.U. then pulls in the edges of the screen slowly. To finish off, N.A.T.U. once again brings out a pair of sawblade arms, this one being much longer than before. The level ends with N.A.T.U.'s red eye going black as he falls offscreen.




  • Party Time's YouTube upload currently has over 3.9 million views, the most out of any Project Arrhythmia related video.[2]
  • Party Time appears partially remade in PA Memories (1).




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