Peer Gynt (ol666)

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Peer Gynt is a level in the Black Heart Collection created by Ol666. It has Myst, a ghost character, as a boss opponent.



The Black Heart logo appears momentairly and disappears, leaving a clock counting down to midnight behind. When the clock hits midnight, the camera scrolls down to a dark landscape, with Myst appearing in the center of the screen. Myst introduces himself and cloaks the area in total darkness, beginning their fight.

Checkpoint 1

Myst will teleport around the screen, sending out bullets and opening their mouth to attac when appearing. They will also float through the center of the screen. Throughout this, smaller ghosts throw bones from the left and right sides of the screen.

Checkpoint 2

Myst appears at the top of the screen and throws white orbs down towards the player, as well as sending out pulses from his giant eye. On both the left and right sides of him, skeletons shoot out lasers at different angles along with bullet explosions. Note: Before he eats Perry, lots of eyes pop up, all looking at Hal.

Checkpoint 3

Perry appears to protect the player, stopping Myst with a light. However, the light is turned off quickly, and Myst eats Perry, chomping off half of his body as he falls to the ground.

Checkpoint 4

Myst chomps at the screen from the sides, while occasionally attacking with a giant laser pulse from an eye in the center. Halfway through the smaller ghosts appear to attack as they did before. About halfway through, Myst reappears at the top of the screen and uses attacks similar to Checkpoint 2.

Checkpoint 5

Myst opens his mouth and beings to suck the player in towards it, as several smaller ghosts fly in. Two walls created out of spirits appear on the left and right sides. This attack ends with the time turning to day, and Myst’s powers fading away. He leaves, blaming the loss on the player’s luck.


  • This is the level that was used as a base for every level in The Peer Gyntening.
  • Perry’s hat and name were added in an update to the level.



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