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Don’t worry. He’s afraid of light. I saved you!
- Perry, Peer Gynt

Perry is an ally character in the Black Heart collection created by ol666. He appears in Peer Gynt to save the player from Myst, but is killed soon afterwards. Perry returns in Funk Hole, where Jestar Heart uses a soul to bring him back to life as Predator. Perry also appears outside of Black heart in Peer Gynt v2, ol666’s Gyntening level. In the Gyntening, the “savior character” requirement is based on Perry as well.



Perry is a cyan colored square with two square hands and one white, square eye. He has been shown wearing a brown hat with a feather in it.


Perry seems friendly towards the character when appears and tries to save them. However, in all of his appearances so far, he has failed in doing so and was promptly killed. Although he seems confident when arriving, he often quickly grows afraid and panics once his plan goes wrong.


Perry has not been shown to have any special powers or abilities, and only carries a flashlight in Peer Gynt. In Peer Gynt v2, he was shown with ghostbusting equipment to take down Shade, however this was not canon to Black Heart.


  • Perry's name is based on the word "prey".
    • This is in contrast to Predator’s name, which could imply the two are total opposites.
  • Perry’s hat was added to Peer Gynt in an update. It survives his death, and floats offscreen after Perry dies.
    • It returns in the opening to Funk Hole, where a ghost is seen wearing it.
  • Perry has died several times:




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