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With the power of one soul...I will summon an entity of chaos.
- Jestar Heart, Funk Hole

Predator is a boss in the Black Heart collection created by ol666. It is an evil form of Perry, created by Jestar Heart with the power of one of the player's souls. Predator was made out of Perry’s reanimated corpse to fight the player in Funk Hole, and died at the end of the level in an explosion.



Predator's body is made up of four square segments. Each segment has one eye, for a total of four eyes. It has teeth and gums covering half of each square segment, which come together to form a "mouth" between all square segments. Predator's body is reddish, with its eyes and teeth being yellow.


  • Summoning giant arms to pull itself around.
  • Shooting lasers from any of its mouths.
    • Seemingly, the more "mouths" there are together when firing, the more powerful the laser is.
  • Summoning sawblades, giant walls, and other fleshy structures.
  • Dashing around, although only when separated.


  • Perry's name is derived from "Prey", possibly implying that Predator is the total opposite of Perry.
  • Predator was named by Umbra.



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