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Greetings and Welcome Visitor !

Needless to say, you are obligated to read this TL;DR block of text in order to avoid a future ban.

§§§ Rules §§§

Ignorance of it does not exempt from compliance.

  • §0.3 Law is not retroactive.

If it changes, you won't be charged for things that are forbidden now.

Chapter 1: How 2 Behave

  • §1.1 No Vandalising

This includes adding fake informations (especially the absurd ones), and removing large blocks of content.

  • §1.2 No posting NSFW content

Any sexual material or heavy gore.

  • §1.3 No insulting or threatening

Toxicity and hostility is out of place.

  • §1.4 No spamming

This includes chain messages. To correct or add post scriptum, use edit button.

  • §1.5 No trolling

Jokes aside.

  • 1.6 No roleplaying

I'm ok with acting, but wiki is not the place for it.

Chapter 2: Content and you.

  • §2.1 No WIP content. Only published (doesn't apply to Story Mode)
  • §2.2 No creating new articles with 1-3 sentences.
  • §2.3 You can only write about Steam Workshop content or anything related to the game itself.

That means levels, characters, creators... The rest you can put on your blog.

  • §2.4 Creator and Collection pages can only be created once three pages related to the creator/collection are complete.

Chapter 3: Images and Pictures

  • 3.1 If you upload an art image make sure to put correct attribution (artist and source)

Artists deserve some.

  • §3.2 Do not upload anything that is not going to be used in a mainspace article or userpage.
  • §3.3 Do not upload low-quality files.

Have some respect for our eyes.

  • §3.4 Don't upload multiple gameplay screens that differ in minimal things.
  • §3.5 Don't upload videos. Use {{YoutubePlayer}} template instead.
  • §3.6 Make sure file names are relevant to the image.

And use latin script.

Chapter 4: Crime and Punishment

For breaking any of these laws there are consequences. More serious crime, more harsh punishment.

Possible Punishments:

  • Warning
  • Short term block (3 - 7 days)
  • Long term block (+7 - 30 days)
  • Permanent ban

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