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Puffer is a boss character in the Black Heart collection created by Ol666. He made his first appearance in Running my Head, and wouldn't reappear again until Surface Tension, as one of the petrified assassins.



Puffer is a large, hollow circle with two circular eyes and a semicircle mouth. Puffer is normally colored blue, but when angered, he turns red and has several spikes on his body.


  • Attacking with water droplets
  • Shooting out spikes
  • Shooting lasers from spikes
  • Rolling around to destroy nearby objects


  • In-game, no damage is taken when you are inside Puffer’s body.
  • Puffer is the first Black Heart character to have its own fan-level.
  • ol666 hates Puffer as a boss, alongside his original level Running my Head.
    • Possibly as a result, Puffer is the only Black Heart boss to appear in but not fight against the player in the boss rush Song of Storms. He appears at the end of the level in the credits scene.
  • Puffer originally had no name according to Running my Head's old level description (shown in the original video upload).



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