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Running my Head is a level created by ol666 for the Black Heart collection. It features Puffer as a boss.



Droplet bullets rain down from the top of the screen, as a blue circle in the center shoots out lasers. As the droplets stop, more lasers come from the circle, with an outer ring closing in around it. The circle eventually splits into two eyes and a mouth, forming Puffer. The blue colors turn red and Puffer’s spikes appear.

Checkpoint 1

Droplets of water begin to rain down from the top of the screen. Puffer shoots out lasers from his spikes and moves to the right side of the screen, rolling to the left. A wave on the bottom and another spiral of lasers follows. Puffer then jumps up to the right and shoots out a spike explosion. This is followed with another spike explosion and spiral of lasers from the center. Puffer then starts rolling to the left as the screen scrolls with him in a chase scene section. Sone obstacles appear that need to be dodged during it.

Checkpoint 2

Puffer exits to the bottom and leaves a giant wave behind. He begins shooting out spike explosions from the edges of the screen, eventually with droplet bullets joining in. Near the end of this section puffer turns from red to blue and is momentarily stopped, but quickly turns red again and resumes his attack.

Checkpoint 3

Initially, this is almost identical to checkpoint 2. The only difference here is that the attacks are flipped on the Y axis, meaning that attacks that came from the left now come fro the right and vice versa. After Puffer exits in another giant wave, several droplet bullets rain down from the top as Puffer slowly comes back into view, shrinking down from across the entire screen. He slowly turns red and regains his spikes, attacking for a final time.

Checkpoint 4

This is another similar section to Checkpoint 1, with many attacks being repeated. However, the chase section is much faster, and droplet bullets appear throughout the part before it. The level ends with puffer opening his mouth in shock and shrinking out of view.



  • This is the first Black Heart level to have lyrics.



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