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Siren is a boss character in the Black Heart collection, created by Ol666. She is one of the assassins hired by Jestar Heart to kill the player.


Siren made her first appearance in How Deep is Your Love, where she attacked the player as one of Jestar Heart's assassins. However, she failed to kill them and steal their souls, which led to her not reappearing until Surface Tension as one of Medusa's petrified victims.



Siren is a grey circle with dark grey hair and an outline around her body. Her eyes and mouth are both black. Orbiting her body are five white eyes.


  • Attacking with water, using bubbles and waves.
  • Summoning skeletal fish to fight on her side.
  • Shooting lasers from her orbiting eyes.



  • Siren is the third boss to ever have lip-syncing.
  • Siren's name likely alludes to mythological sirens, which would draw in victims through their songs similar to how Siren seemingly sings during her debut level.



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