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Solario is a dying sun with a shape shifting ability. He wants to take your soul to avoid TOTAL DESTRUCTION!
- ol666

Solario is an antagonistic character created by ol666. He was one of the assassins sent by Jestar Heart in the Black Heart level collection. He first appeared in Total Destruction as the level’s bos.


Solario appeared in Total Destruction. He was near death, but was going to be saved (presumably by Jestar Heart) through stealing one of the player's souls. At the end of the level, however, Solario begins to turn red and explodes, dying before he has the chance to get the soul. He isn’t seen again until Surface Tension, where he is petrified with the rest of Jestar Heart’s assassins, shown only as a small white orb with the four shapes petrified and sitting on the pedestal with him.


Solario is a yellow-orange circle with two rings around his body. On the furthest ring, he has four different shapes that orbit him around the ring (a triangle, a square, a circle and a hexagon). He has a face with two X-shaped eyes and a mouth. During Total Destruction's progression, Solario's color will change from orange to red color, before turning into an explosion and becoming a small white dwarf.


  • Attacking with lasers and bullets.
  • Summoning other shapes similar to the ones on his outer ring that orbit his body.
  • Shape-shifting by using the four shapes on his outer ring.
  • Changing his size to become bigger.


  • Solario seemingly ends Total Destruction into a small white dwarf star, after slowly becoming more and more red as if turning to a red giant.
  • Song of Storms features a version of Solario that resembles a black hole, which is marked as a spoiler for a future Black Heart level.
  • Solario’s face is made with text objects.
  • Solario is the only assassin to die to something other than Medusa's petrification in the Black Heart series.



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