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Switchblade is a character created by Umbra. He first appeared in his titular level Switchblade.

Switchblade has his debut in his titular level, attempting to kill the player for unknown reasons. After getting hit by one of his own stage hazards, Switchblade appears injured with a bandage and warns Hal that he'll come back, presumably in another level in the future.



Switchblade appears as a one-eyed circle sporting a mask covering his mouth with a tie on the side. He also has a horn on the top right portion of his head.


Silent and Solemn, Switchblade only speaks if it's absolutely necessary. Switchblade never blinks or closes his eye, and is constantly watching his environment for either a target or a threat Switchblade is also notably prone to fits of anger and frustration, easily getting impatient when his opponent doesn't die quickly. This may lead to him injuring himself or tiring himself out easily .[cite]

= Abilities

In battle with Switchblade, he's known to use his hands to either summon or become weapons to defeat his enemy, hence his name. His hands can either summon or become various weapons, such as guns, laser cannons, shurikens, comically sized lances, and a scythe.


  • Switchblade is planned to have 2 sequel levels - one using Boom Kitty - Badland and another using Env - Surrender.[cite]