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everyone give it up for father environment
- //TNTz [3]

TNTz (stylized as //TNTZ) is a level creator known for the Lyrical Murder series, as well as being the host of the PA Memories collaboration levels. They are also a manager of the Vitamin Games Discord server, where they are known for organizing and using a review format for work in progress levels.[4] TNTz's levels are high in difficulty - often being marked as Master.


  • Trinity Homerun
  • I'm Not Dead
  • 21 Guns
  • Aleph Zero v1
  • Aleph Zero Final
  • Circles
  • Rap God
  • Aconitum
  • Shiver



  • TNTz knows Python, and created a Project Arrhythmia level combiner program in it for use in collaborations.[5]