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The Core is a boss in the Black Heart collection created by ol666. It made it's first appearance in Party Time when controlling Nautilus, but returned in Surface Tension where it fought by itself.


In all of its appearances so far, the Core has been made up of several metal plates bolted together, with a red, hexagonal "eye" in it's center. It is seemingly able of changing it's shape and size, as it is much different in each appearance.


  • Shooting red lasers from its eye and hands
  • Emitting electricity
  • Usage of various weapons (Pitchforks, Saws, Spears, Spikes, Swords, Guns, Hydraulic Presses, Tridents, Hammers, Claws, War Axes and Maces)
  • When controlling Nautilus the Core also uses Nautilus's pure strength



  • Originally, the Core was created by a character named Xero, who would get his own level in the Black Heart series. However, after the level was cancelled due to song verification issues, this idea was removed from the Black Heart canon.
  • Despite being an assassin serving Jestar that also failed to steal the Player's soul, the Core was not petrified by Medusa. This is likely because the Core is a mechanical entity with an artificial intelligence, not an organic creature, meaning Medusa's ability is useless against it. It's also possible the Core was spared since Nautilus was blamed for its failure due to being controlled by it.



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