Total Destruction (ol666)

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Solario is a dying sun with a shape shifting ability. He wants to take your soul to avoid TOTAL DESTRUCTION!

Total Destruction is a level created by ol666 for the Black Heart collection. It features Solario, a shape shifting star, as its boss.



The level starts with asteroids shooting across the screen. As they continue, a yellow circle appears in the center and shoots out lasers, while drawing in circle rings around it. The lasers grow in numbers as Solario makes his entrance with a giant pulse.

Checkpoint 1

Solario moves around the screen while throwing out his orbiting shapes to create bullet explosions with them. The asteroids continue while he does this. After this attack, Solario creates a wall around the entire screen, which he attaches his body to the top of. From the top of the screen, he uses a variety of attacks from his different shapes, while his face shoots out of cannons from the side.

Checkpoint 2

Solario’s body on the top of the screen attatches to his head on the bottom, and the rectangle arena turns into a semicircle. Solario begins swinging left and right in a pendelum-like manner. Eventually, rotating lasers join in on the attacks. As the semicircle wall dissapears, Solario then draws in his orbiting shapes, and summons many more similar shapes that rotate around the screen. The shapes rotate across while Solario attacks with bullet explosions from the center.

Checkpoint 3

Solario exits to the top of the screen, and a giant triangular arena closes in. The triangle shape rotates as several lasers shoot across it. When the triangle disappears, Solario returns to the center of the screen and begins using various shape-shifting attacks. The first of them is transforming into a sawblade using a hexagon. This is followed by creating giant shockwaves as a square. Solario finishes by sending out many bullets as a circle. In between each of these attacks, Solario reappears in the center after two pillars slam together.

Checkpoint 4

Solario begins growing redder and creates four beams using his shapes. He grows in size and begins sending out bullet explosion and lasers, eventually rotating the four beams as well. He continues to do this until he grows to a massive size and explodes, shrinking down to a small white speck as he dies. A single asteroid shoots through the stars as the level fades to black for the finish.



  • You'll get hurt if you touch the small white speck after Solario dies, but not the stars on the background.
  • Solario’s face is made of rectangles when shot out of a cannon - this is an unintentional bug.
  • After it was fixed, Solario's face changes everytime it shot out of a cannon.
  • Another bug is that when Solario throws his orbiting shapes and creates bullet explosions with them, some bullets disappear and appear.
  • ol666 added an additional message about this bullet bug which it will appear on the top screen. It says "Sorry about the bullet bug"



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