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Welcome to the style guide! This page is full of useful information and rules for editing and creating pages on the Project Arrhythmia Wiki. It is highly recommended to follow this guide when editing to avoid pages being changed or deleted. At the same time - the style guide is not a strict set of rules. This is to give guidance, and ensure that pages are consistent and readable.


  • Use proper grammar. If you aren't an English speaker, avoid using machine translations to add to pages - this leaves a lot of grammar to be fixed.
  • Check the edit summary if your edits were undone. It's always best to see the reason something might have been removed before adding it back - you are usually better off explaining your point to or asking the reasons of the person who removed it instead of going ahead and potentially having it be removed again.
  • Avoid using "you", "I", or other non-neutral perspectives. Refer to the reader or player as "the player", and remember that there is no single author of a wiki page.

Canon and Fanon

Canon content is defined as anything featured in Project Arrhythmia's base game. On the inverse, Fanon content defines any Project Arrhythmia content that exists outside of the base game The Project Arrhythmia Wiki is mostly filled with pages on fanon content such as custom levels on the Steam Workshop, boss characters, and level collections.

The main requirement for fanon content on the wiki is that it is in a finished, uploaded level on the Steam Workshop. Additionally, it is highly recommended not to make pages on simple cameo characters or topics that have little information - ideally, most sections on a page should have a few sentences. Level collections as well must be made up of levels that share a theme or story - collections of "favorite levels" or similar topics are not allowed.

Pages for level collections and level creators can only be created after three other pages are created on content by the creator/in the collection.

Can I add my own levels/characters to the wiki?

Yes. We appreciate any new additions of fanon content to the wiki, including your own! However:

  • Always create a page to inform. Don't add your characters or levels to the wiki with the sole intent of getting the word out. The wiki is a resource of information, not a showcase.
  • Remember to put in effort. Creating a page on your own character or level that is left unfinished will likely result in it being deleted down the line. Generally, pages on one's own content are held to a slightly higher standard.
  • Don't hesitate to get feedback. This applies to any page, really. If you want to make sure that your page stays up, then be sure to ask for feedback or proofreading from others.

Article Patterns

Pages below are a simple examples of articles with a little tips. The most important rule about these is that... You don't have to follow them! If you know any different pattern that is aesthetic, you can follow it.

However if your pattern is messy and consequently rejected by community, it will be changed.

Level Pattern

Character Pattern

Creator Pattern

Image Policy

  • "Official" artwork of one's characters is allowed provided you have permission to use it and the creator is credited.
  • Level thumbnails are allowed provided the creator is credited.


Templates allow you to display content in a pre-formatted manner. They are extremely useful and widespread throughout the wiki. If you want to use one, just type {{ and search for any below:

Templates and the usage
Template Description
Used to display colored text (Easy/Normal/Hard ect.) without any coding.

For example Expert

{{USERNAME}} Displays user's name. Fun. (NOT WORKING)
Image, video or gallery
{{YoutubePlayer}} Used to display a video from Youtube without uploading it.
{{Fanon Character}} Displays the most essential informations. Used on Fanon character pages.
{{CreatorInfobox}} Infobox used on Level Creator pages.
{{CollectionInfobox}} Infobox used on Collection pages.
{{Contest}} Similar to Collection Infobox, but it's used exclusively for contests.
{{Fanon Level}} Infobox used on Fanon (workshop) level pages.
{{LevelInfobox}} Infobox used on Canon (Story mode) level pages.
{{DifficultyNav}} Used on Difficulty pages.
Collection Navboxes List of organized links related to following collection.
{{L}} Used to easily create proper links to other level pages. Parameter 1 is for creator and 2 is for level name
{{Steam}} Used to create a fancy link to Steam page Steam.png
{{Delete}} Used to mark the page for deletion if it's violating serious rules, like vandalism.
{{Removed}} Informs that the level has been deleted from Steam Workshop.
{{Stub}} Informs that the article is lacking content and should be expanded.
{{Upcoming}} Informs that the following content is not yet released. This is only used for official game content-related articles.
{{Wip}} Simmilar to {{Stub}}, informs that page is under construcion by someone.
{{Proofread}} This template is used when an article needs to be proofread - meaning that it has most or all of the content it needs, but it should be rewritten or adjusted to fit article patterns and have better grammar or quality overall.
{{Disambiguation}} Marks an article as a disambiguation page.
{{Description}} A message box used for official level descriptions found on steam workshop pages.
{{Quotebox}} Used to display a quote.