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This page documents the changelog of updates for Project Arrhythmia. These update notes are all official, and can also be found in the #pa-updates channel of the Vitamin Games Discord server.

Starting with Update 20.1.1, all update names are formatted with the numbers each representing the year, month, and version that month. For example, 21.8.3 would be the 3rd update in August 2021.


22.2.1 [editor-alpha]


  • Save / Setting files now properly work!
  • Creating / Loading / Saving new levels now works as intended (these files are subject to change tho so be away future updates might break them)
  • Minor performance improvements

New Stuffs

  • High contrast mode! Basically normal game but with no colors to make it easier to read attacks for those not as good with telling everything apart!

Known Issues

  • There seems to be some general performance issues since updating to the new unity version these will be ironed out over the new couple updates
  • There seems to be a DX11 type memory leak that can cause crashes after some time playing (currently investigating)

Not in this Preview

  • Prefabs are still very WIP so to discourage use the button has been temporarily removed
  • Theme editing / deleting (soon soon)
  • Multi keyframe editing
  • Few other smaller things

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a preview build of the new editor there will be some things that are missing or broken. It is not recommended to use this build for serious level making just yet it's more a proof of concept to allow people to start planning how to use some of the new features coming up!

If you understand all that please feel free to try out the new editor preview on the [editor-alpha] branch of the game!

22.5.1 [editor-alpha]


  • Crash when using parallax objects with old beatmaps in the editor
  • Softlock on death in arcade / story mode
  • Crash on the use of the "glitch" effect in the editor
  • Issues with error messages not resetting in the editor
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Some UI / player animation would not play / not play correctly
  • Parallax settings wouldn't initialize on new level creation
  • Parallax objects wouldn't initialize on new object creation
  • Better handling of empty states
  • Minor UI improvements

New Stuffs

  • MP3 / WAV support for level creation (no longer just .ogg)
  • Better "glitch" effect
  • Outline on hover preview in the editor (more functionality coming soon)
  • More built-in editor themes
  • New summer UI theme

Known Issues

  • There seem to be some general performance issues since updating to the new unity version these will be ironed out over the new couple of updates
  • There seems to be a DX11 type memory leak that can cause crashes after some time playing (currently investigating)

Not in this Preview

  • Prefabs are still WIP so to discourage use the button has been temporarily removed
  • Theme editing / deleting
  • Multi keyframe editing
  • Few other smaller things

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a preview build of the new editor there will be some things that are missing or broken. It is not recommended to use this build for serious level making just yet it's more a proof of concept to allow people to start planning how to use some of the new features coming up!

If you understand all that please feel free to try out the new editor preview on the [editor-alpha] branch of the game!

22.10.1 [editor-alpha]


  • Story mode properly allows you to play all levels now
  • UI Themes actually select the correct UI colors now (less saturated / more saturated)
  • All effect editor panels now have retooled sliders and inputs to actually represent them better
  • Metadata files now properly generate with new editor
  • Overall stability and code improvements game hopefully will crash a bit less now
  • Editor specific stability improvements
  • Hugely improved color editor / picker
  • Fix for huge lag spikes during black and white themes
  • Fixed checkpoint look in editor
  • First checkpoint being super hard to click

New Stuffs

  • New default editor themes
  • New editor theme creator / selector
  • New theme editor preview window
  • New way of storing / loading themes into a level
  • New spooky UI theme (just in time for spooky month)
  • New selection preview outline in editor preview
  • Definitely some things I forgot

Known Issues / Not in this Preview

  • There's still some issues with undo / redo in a few specific cases it works most of the time but yeah still a few things to iron out.
  • Prefabs still do not work in this version of the editor (they will load first time when loading lsb but vgb doesn't support it so after saving and reload they will not be in the level)
  • Loading a second level after loading an initial level in the editor can sometimes result in a crash

Prefabs will be added by end of the month!

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a preview build of the new editor there will be some things that are missing or broken. It is not recommended to use this build for serious level making just yet it's more a proof of concept to allow people to start planning how to use some of the new features coming up!

If you understand all that please feel free to try out the new editor preview on the [editor-alpha] branch of the game!

22.10.1b [editor-alpha]


  • Theme Editor doesn't act like it runs the world anymore

22.10.1c [editor-alpha]


  • Levels aren't slightly wonky anymore (off to one side)

22.10.1d [editor-alpha]


  • fixed issues with str keyframe values not getting properly init'd
  • fix issue with theme ids not being generated properly (causing all sorts of issues)

if you couldn't create / select theme before now you should be able to

22.10.2 [editor-alpha]


  • Fixed issue with parent search not working (remember the eyedropper also now allows you to select parents directly from the timeline)
  • Fixed issue with older levels (prior to vignettes and bloom having color) not properly having default values for vignette and bloom colors

22.10.2b [editor-alpha]


  • Fixed issue with Play / Pause not working in some cases
  • Greatly updated / fixed timeline scrubbing it's FAR BETTER then it has been up till now
  • Object timeline scrubbing now works as it should

22.10.3 [editor-alpha]


  • Fix for timeline scrubber breaking in some cases (should be very reliable now)
  • Fix for text object text box being funky (shouldn't weirdly get pushed down now)
  • Fix for custom themes carrying over between levels
  • Fix for rain / thunder not being tied to selected SFX volume (basically they shouldn't kill your ears now)

22.10.3b [editor-alpha]


  • I had accidently released a version with a few UI elements toggled off for testing (this is now fixed WHOOPS)

22.10.4 [editor-alpha]


  • Add Ctrl + Scroll on all number input fields to change values quickly
  • FPS limit for lower end machines is not an option in video settings


  • Objects selected in editor preview always properly get selected (side panel would sometimes not show)
  • Fix object type not updating when changed in editor (specifically normal to helper and such)
  • Fix parallax objects being selected over normal objects that are in front of them
  • Fix for parallax objects being selected through UI

22.10.4b [editor-alpha]


  • Dragging timeline scrubber now properly updates shown time
  • Events timeline now has same beat snapping grid as object timeline (events still need work on snapping)
  • Fixed all folder buttons (e.g open themes folder / open level folder) not working...they all should work now

22.10.5 [editor-alpha]


  • Add camera parenting: you can now parent directly to the camera, but can also still use parents inside the camera parents how neat~


  • Checkpoint events look better now
  • Trying new keyframe designs (easier to tell when they actually trigger)
  • Parent offsets UI has been updated to be a bit more clear


  • Some icons were blurry due to improper settings
  • Parent offsets now work again
  • You can no longer parent things to themselves using the parent picker
  • "Ghost Checkpoints" are now properly showing up on non event layers
  • Object timeline now show when the actual object ends (dotted line)
  • Checkpoints are now better aligned on timeline to when they actually trigger
  • TEMP FIX: When creating objects on events layer now it doesn't automatically swap to the layer the object is placed on (to avoid hard crash)

22.10.5b [editor-alpha]


  • Vignette values not rounding to 2 decimal places
  • Zoom / Rotation not working properly for camera parented objects

21.8.3 [21.8.1 Development Branch]

  • Added checkpoint timeline checkpoint "get" animation
  • Added separate sfx for increasing or decreasing a setting
  • Changed colors slightly for ranks / difficulty
  • Changed position of checkpoint timeline to not be hidden by border animation (please leave feedback in the pa-feedback channel)
  • Changed tooltips for a few UI elements
  • Changed saves files over to new format (will no longer work with old file)
  • Changed settings files over to new format (will no longer work with old file)
  • Changed way language is stored in settings.vgc
  • Changed how apply in video settings makes a proper submit noise when "clicked"
  • Changed song / artist intro text for levels (slightly different position and text sizing)
  • Changed song / artist intro text possible length
  • Changed toggle UI to be more obvious
  • Fixed issue with toggle UI elements playing block noise when switching sometimes
  • Fixed issue with resolution not being 100% setup correctly on start
  • Fixed issues with Player SFX and Checkpoint SFX toggles not working correctly
  • Fixed issue with player being able to boost before moving and remain in the same spot
  • Fixed issue with player becoming invincible in some cases
  • Fixed issue with block sound playing too many times while in UI
  • Fixed checkpoint timeline rendering (should see less floating checkpoints and the like)
  • Fixed some bugs that caused events to not render correctly
  • Fixed story levels rendering weird (let me know if they are still broken to any of yall)
  • Removed background objects from the game (sorry to see them go but soon yall will have static objects i promise)
  • Testing new sfx again (please leave feedback in the pa-feedback channel)


- I expect this to change soon

21.8.2b [21.8.1 Development Branch]

  • Reworked how save and settings files work (.vg and contents reordered)
  • Made it so you can no longer select a resolution larger then your display can handle
  • Fixed a few UI issues (video settings in particular)
  • Reverted sfx to normal
  • Added placeholder language setting (currently only allows english to be selected)
  • Reworked one theme to look better
  • Probably missed something lol


- I expect this to change soon but due to some personal issues my ability to work on PA has suffered recently.

21.8.2 [21.8.1 Development Branch]

  • Fixed issue with multiplayer soft locking the game
  • Fixed issues with sounds playing incorrectly in UI
  • Fixed issue with leaderboards being updated with worse scores
  • Reworked difficulty levels and ranks
  • Themes are more dynamic and match better with other UI colors
  • Updated end level text splashes
  • Added new SFX for feedback since I got them from the SFX person I'm working with (Please only constructive feedback not simply i hate it, also not everything is updated)
  • New EXC end level animation (and sfx again please provide feedback if you care to)


- I expect this to change soon but due to some personal issues my ability to work on PA has suffered recently.

21.8.1b [21.8.1 Development Branch]

  • Fixed issue with 1 Hit mode in arcade
  • Fixed issue with vignette not being included in limited effects mode
  • Fixed logos not properly showing in credits
  • Minor menu tweaks
    • Reordering of buttons
    • Better description of effect limiting options
  • Fixed leaderboard wrapping to main arcade menu

THIS BUILD DOES NOT FEATURE THE EDITOR - There are still some editor issues so I've held off on releasing the build with the full editor...expect more updates within a few days to remedy that

21.8.1 [21.8.1 Development Branch]

  • Hugely improved arcade level load time (at startup)
  • Level load time optimized - UI should feel snappier
  • Added new UI themes - Numerous wording / UX tweaks throughout the UI
  • Ability to reduce effects - Ability to skip start messages - Ability to vote on songs
  • Ability to see leaderboards for arcade level - Ability to see ratings for arcade level
  • Fix for story levels not displaying properly
  • Fix for animations not pausing while in game's pause screen - Better player animations
  • Tweaked player movement
  • Optimizations that should make more levels have playable FPS (60+ fps)
    • Reduced stutter
    • But not all levels are perfect specifically old ones still get down to only around 30 fps (ol's in particular)
  • New UI effects toggle
  • Tons of other stuff I can't think of at the moment cause I'm tired as hell


- There are still some editor issues so I've held off on releasing the build with the full editor...expect more updates within a few days to remedy that

21.10.1 [21.8.1 Branch]

  • New spoopy theme
  • Fix for leaderboards having issues with some names
  • Removed dynamic text parsing for user entered text (sorry had to be done)
  • New leaderboard "modes"
  • Fixed a few more bugs
  • Definitely a few other things i forgot (sorry rushed a bit)


  • I expect this to change soon (got a lot more work done)


Fixes / Changes

  • Removed Halloween theme
  • Switched over to new setting / save format (.vgc / .vgs)
  • Removed special text injection from menus
  • Fixed issue with game not getting past initialization on some non US style machines
  • Better error handling with bizzare objects
  • Removed old background camera to improve fps and rendering speeds
  • New main menu editor button to explain the deal with the editor
  • Minor UI tweaks and fixes


  • New holiday theme


What's happening with the betas?!

CURRENT (default / beta setup)

  • Default (what you get when you buy the game): 20.4.4
  • Development (for fast tracked updates): 20.10.5
  • 21.8.1 (to test the absolute latest): 21.10.1

NEW (default / beta setup)

  • Default (what you get when you buy the game): 21.12.1 (this update)
  • Development (for fast tracked updates): 20.10.5
  • Legacy (for more stable but outdated editor): 20.4.4


Fixes / Changes

  • Reduced chance of song info screen not generating before clicking level in arcade
  • Slightly modified particle spawn / despawn rate in new holiday theme to work better with button collision
  • Checkpoints can no longer be outside of the level time (negative or positive) this was causing some levels to not be able to be finished
  • Fixed issue with text parsing for arcade song info screen causing {{colon}} to be visible to end user
  • Fixed issue with usernames not being sanitized
  • Fixed issue with levels not being playable without an internet connection
  • Changed level rating to a bar instead of specific percentage
  • Small menu content tweaks


  • Added volume controls in arcade


21.12.3 [editor-alpha]


New Stuffs

  • New effects
  • Old effects got new stuff
  • Completely new UI
  • Welcome screen
  • Parallax objects
  • Bug fixes
  • New file format
  • Tons of quality of life improvements
  • Undo / Redo
  • And tons more~~

Not in this Preview

  • Prefabs are still very WIP so to discourage use the button has been temporarily removed
  • Theme editing / deleting (soon soon)
  • Multi keyframe editing
  • Few other smaller things

PLEASE NOTE: Since this is a preview build of the new editor there will be some things that are missing or broken. It is not recommended to use this build for serious level making just yet it's more a proof of concept to allow people to start planning how to use some of the new features coming up!

If you understand all that please feel free to try out the new editor preview on the [editor-alpha] branch of the game!


20.10.5 [Development Branch]

  • Fixed arcade error state text formatting
  • Standardized more buttons
  • Fixed issue with animation having to do with events (and limited object issues)
  • Input select screen now properly goes back to normal menu music instead of using arcade preview music
  • Added more options to debug menu
  • Minor fixes / tweaks to UI


  • There are still some editor issues (specifically rendering issues)
  • Prefab collapse / expand is a bit buggy

20.10.4 [Development Branch]

  • Fixed loading into level sometimes breaking
  • Fixed editor full screen breaking
  • Fixed checkpoints not rendering correctly in some cases


  • There are still some editor issues (specifically rendering issues)
  • Prefab collapse / expand is a bit buggy

20.10.3 [Development Branch]

  • Made A-tan emoticons more consistent
  • Updated end level cheers
  • Fixed issue with text rendering opacity ( <alpha=#22> )
  • Handle memory leak in interface loading
  • Remove spinning logo from loading screen (unless only that)
  • Increased text rendering speed
  • Fixed change log loading screen issue
  • Loading bars / screens look a bit better and run a bit faster
  • Updated editor preview GUI to be the same as main game
  • Removed Story IDs in metadata editor. Will be re-added at a later date to be searchable for all your made levels.
  • Added popups to confirm upload / update in editor
  • Fixed text overflow on file info with long names
  • Fixed text overflow in arcade song preview
  • Some small tweaks and changes


  • There are still some editor issues (specifically rendering issues)
  • Prefab collapse / expand is a bit buggy

20.10.2b [Development Branch]

  • Fixed small end level screen issue
  • Added easter egg that only I will get so IDK why I did


  • There are still some editor issues (specifically rendering issues)
  • Prefab collapse / expand is a bit buggy


  • Fixed issue with debug menu hiding cursor in editor
  • Fixed loading screen issue (still needs tweaking tho)
  • Fixed some UI issues
  • Fixed issue with changelog
  • Added in an optimization that should reduce the number and intensity of lag spikes on some levels (it's not a cure all but it's better)


  • There are still some editor issues (specifically rendering issues)
  • Prefab collapse / expand is a bit buggy


  • New debug menu (F3)
    • Built in fps counter
    • Will be added to over the coming months to help with development of mods
  • Reworked checkpoint animation
  • New loading screens [had to nerf slightly due to bug I wasn't able to fix for the update (check known issues)]
  • Clean up and Optimizations (might see slight performance gains in general)
  • New sunset UI theme
  • Some small UI issues fixed / cleaned up
  • Work done on underlying workshop level search for arcade
  • Faster interface loading
  • New text rendering for interface to ensure vsync doesn't effect printing speed
  • Optimizations with themes
  • New fonts
  • Support for Korean / Japanese / Russian (but not yet shown as translation is not yet finished)


  • New base game font (might effect previous levels that used old font)


  • There are still some editor issues (specifically rendering issues)
  • Prefab collapse / expand is a bit buggy
  • Temporarily disabled loading screen fade in / out since it was known to cause a softlock on short levels


  • new master difficulty
  • editor UI changes (FAQ listed under help / )
  • fixed more rendering
  • spawning issues with objects in editor mode (they shouldn't disappear when selected anymore)
  • improved performance of a lot of editor functions
  • icons now show in open level menu in editor
  • parent menu redesigned for object editor and new "clear parent" button
  • shape selection no longer appears when an empty is selected
  • a few memory leaks fixed
  • working on overhauls to a few more systems to be better coded / more performant
  • small UI tweaks / changes


  • there are still some editor issues (specifically rendering issues)
  • Prefab collapse / expand is a bit buggy


  • the riot lights bug (softlock on exit to arcade) has been fixed
  • 1 hit / 1 death mode can cause lag after replaying has been reduced


  • there are still some editor issues (specifically rendering issues)
  • Prefab collapse / expand is a bit buggy


  • removed un-needed files to reduce game size
  • made album artwork better for the user's memory
  • slight tweaks to rendering system (possible slight fps improvements)
  • background animations are now smoothed out so no longer seizure inducing
  • added temporary level timer (soon to made into a proper feature)
  • several smaller tweaks and improvements


  • there are still some editor issues (specifically rendering issues)
  • Prefab collapse / expand is a bit buggy
  • 1 hit / 1 death mode can cause lag after replaying


  • several smaller editor bugs fixed
  • more tooltips added
  • UI system slowly getting updated to be more friendly and easier to use
    • N-chan added
    • New level dialog overhauled to be easier to understand
    • FAQ editor section started
    • Animations started being added
    • Redid how quick actions work for prefabs / backgrounds / objects (now works on hover)
    • Added preview of new grid system for timelines
    • Several smaller tweaks and improvements
  • Added autokill counter to lag buster dialog


  • there are still some editor issues (specifically rendering issues)


  • fixed issue with theme creation (unfortunately themes made in 20.8.1 will still be broken)
  • fixed issue with vignette not holding after it's last keyframe
  • changed keyframe color to blue again
  • object counts in lag busters should be fixed [but I'm wondering if the fix will add more rendering issues back in]


  • there are still a ton of editor issues (especially bad rendering ones)
  • if i didn't list it above your thing likely isn't fixed


  • patch for quit / quit to menu popups not appearing

There is currently an issue with the lag buster showning incorrect numbers. This is due to the editor not correctly despawning objects as it would in the arcade


  • Some hal animation bugs fixed
    • general hal animation tweaks / timing tweaks
  • Editor UI tweaks
  • Keyframe deletion added to undo / redo
  • Undo / redo bug fixed (would jump around in timeline accidently)
  • General UI tweaks
  • New Lag Buster Panel access via the View dropdown (also added option to reopen welcome panel)
  • Some editor rendering bugs fixed
  • New editor popup system (for confirmations)
  • Prefabs now have icons (soon to be implemented into the timeline)
  • More level upload options
  • Better color guessing on UI for levels
  • New unpause animation
  • Themes now handle ID conflicts and it should happen a lot less
  • Other misc things I forgot about


  • there are still a ton of editor issues (especially bad rendering ones)
  • if i didn't list it above your thing likely isn't fixed


  • custom level loading is now much faster
  • skipping custom level loading is now instant
  • removed issues with reloading custom levels
  • reduced RAM usage of custom loaded levels
    • slightly faster page switching / level loading in arcade


  • there are still a ton of editor issues (especially bad rendering ones)
  • if i didn't list it above your thing likely isn't fixed


  • steam workshop uploading functionality restored
  • steam workshop framework completely overhauled
  • added story line options for editor
  • added changelog option for editor
  • added ability to specify the visibility of a level on upload
  • small ui improvements
  • small bug fixes


  • there are still a ton of editor issues (especially bad rendering ones)
  • if i didn't list it above your thing likely isn't fixed
  • On dev branch it takes an eternity to load arcade levels in some cases. It seems the new workshop system doesn't handle long lists as well cause it's actually trying to load them in too fast which ends up overloading the main game thread. Long story short it will be patched soon to be quick again.


  • a lot of editor bug fixes
  • ui improvements
  • added demo story


  • there are still a ton of editor issues but i'm slowly getting rid of them


  • did a lot
  • loads of fps improvements
  • ui improvements
  • editor improvements
  • will release a more detailed list tomorrow

20.4.4 [Main]

  • fixed issues with arcade sorting
  • reworked arcade sorting ui to make it more clear what's happening
  • reworked A-tan's summary remarks to be less harsh
  • added yaml lilscript loading to the spec
  • reworked difficulty / theme colors to be more accessible
  • small UI tweaks
  • fixed text sprites being misaligned
  • tweaked scroll wheel zoom for object timeline
  • tweaked scroll wheel zoom for main timeline

20.4.3 [Main]

  • minor UI tweaks
  • new sprite added
  • fixed issue with level summary glitching on some levels
  • can immediately move on spawn again
  • fixed issue with player becoming invincible in some cases due to boost canceling
  • fixed some UI alignment issues
  • started work on a level load time fixed (coming soon)
  • editor UI tweaks and changes
  • fixed arcade going to first page every time
  • fixed UI character rendering issues

20.4.2 [Main] - Dev Branch

  • add more checks for uploading levels
  • fixed bugs that allowed a softlock state in the arcade selection screen
  • changed object creation to have an object with keyframe autokill instead of set time autokill
  • minor editor ui tweaks
  • removed arduinomanager (left in by accident)

20.4.1 [Main] - Dev Branch

  • added check for too new of levels
  • fixed prefab selection issue
  • when a prefab is made in the events layer your layer gets changed to the layer the prefab gets placed on
  • other minor editor fixes

1.7.2 [Aorta] - Future Branch

  • the future
  • april fools

20.3.7 [Main] - Dev Branch

  • added warning for album artwork over 512 pixels (will no longer accept it if over that size)
  • fixed album artwork from last edited song showing in metadata editor if the current one doesn't have artwork
  • better formatted steam errors
  • fixed most issues with the cursor disappearing in the editor input boxes (it also no longer blinks)
  • fixed issue with copy/pasting keyframes allowing you to disrupt primary keyframe...really messing with the object
  • fixed selection color being different in some cases for editor input boxes
  • removed anti-aliasing option since it didn't work right
  • temp splash screen added
  • added extra info to offline mode screen

20.3.6 [Main] - Dev Branch

  • added new "practice" a-tan response
  • tried to add hal invisible in editor fix
  • fixed pitch changes in editor going above / below amount wanted
  • after level screen is now handled differently color wise to fix issues with colors
  • removed unused circle hals for the time being
  • added placeholder get info screen on end of level
  • reworked arcade sorting to be more clear
  • arcade UI made to match the other game ui more
  • changed game's app icon
  • some minor ui tweaks
  • other minor changes / optimizations

20.3.5b [Main]

  • fix for arcade selection pages going crazy (hopefully)

20.3.5 [Arcade]

  • Initial release of arcade build


  • fixed issue with editor not loading when no levels present
  • fixed issue with arcade getting soft locked when you unsubscribe from levels and your page selection is higher then your total subbed levels
  • fixed quick settings misalignment
  • improved arcade error / info states to improve user experience
  • added default arcade level options
  • changed a-tans responses to different ranks to make them a bit less harsh


  • quicker arcade loading (a bit smoother) [regressed]


  • quicker arcade loading (a bit smoother)
  • new player spawn animation
  • fixed bugs with players respawning in wrong places in arcade
  • editor doesn't spawn player in wrong place now
  • editor prefab options got the new layer selection (also some slight wording changes)
  • new anti-aliasing option in visual config
  • added new help button "Which songs can I use?"
  • fixed player animations playing while pause / final menu were up
  • few slight optimizations


  • added song / artist name at the level summary
  • added "get song" button at level summary


  • fixed text being cut off by not normal object timeline objects
  • fixed dropdown for time of death
  • first object no longer has the old autokill system
  • fixed player disappearing in editor in some cases


  • removed multi object editor dialog options
  • added more tooltips
  • added more undos
  • more UI tweaks
  • made the default for a username more human understandable
  • fixed start up flash issue
  • removed ability to run in background


  • changed collapsed size to same as minimum size 0.2s
  • made timeline objects properly handle small sizes with lock / dots icons in them (they don't escape the bounds of the timeline objects anymore)


  • fixed ui being cut off for autokill drop down
  • fixed player not being visible on arcade level start
  • reduced collapsed object length


  • add new object create options
  • added new object / background fast menus
  • add collapse object option
  • tweaked some editor ui
  • added more hover tooltips
  • update to some icons


  • fixed issue that could cause hal to become invincible
  • fixed issue with hal being behind some objects


  • fixed autokill issue that slipped in due to work I was doing (the king wanted to die and I wouldn't let him I drug him back from hell with all the strength I could muster)


  • fixed shine animation
  • added SS and F rank achievements
  • fixed MOST player issues (proper dash cancel / fixed issues with damage taken and dash / movement on spawn being fixed)
  • added more arcade code


  • fixed player taking damage in pause menu
  • fixed editor reload breaking
  • default created object has tod fixed time of 4 secs now
  • fixed blur not happening with UI when it should be
  • removed timeline on end of level screen


  • new rank system (SS to F) (SS gives you a shiny hover effect in arcade with more to come)
  • new end of level summary (more to come) (expect the gui to look messed up if the GUI color at the end is same as bg will be fixed)
  • A-tan responses at end of levels
  • new auto kill options (backup levels / prefabs as they will not be able to opened in an older version)
  • new UNDO / REDO system (currently there but only works with a very small number of things, will be full coverage next update)
  • new object types (including decorations)
  • refresh current object to check randomization with (Ctrl + R / F5)
  • more tooltips added
  • loading editor now waits for levels to load before removing loading screen
  • fixed issue with theme search
  • way more info saved in save files about play (will be used at future date)
  • fixed text wrapping in level descriptions
  • fixed various bugs
  • optimizations

PS: expect bugs since there was so much that changed, please just report them as best you can and I'll get to them ASAP. Thank you!


  • fixed arcade error message pages and cleaned up to work better
  • removed icon switch change to improve performance
  • fix checkpoint issue with some levels
  • small tweaks / fixes


  • new pause menu (more features to come to this soon) (don't worry i know about the color edge cases...will fix soon)
  • loading / intro screens match theme colors now so much smoother transitions
  • arcade selection menu changes
    • added 3rd description line
    • tweaked overall look
  • tweaks / bug fixes
    • fixed editor hal death bug
    • fixed some tail bugs
    • you must have a valid artist url for a level to be updated / uploaded
    • fixed no thumbnail image
    • tweaked metadata editor
    • tweaked background workflow for easier editing
    • tweaked keyframe zoom levels
    • fixed some delete issues


  • changed menu selection sounds
  • fixed issue with player trail


  • fixed menu music desync
  • fixed editor not loading after entering arcade
  • fixed empty objects not always being empty


  • faster level load times
  • added metadata option for preview song start time in arcade
  • general menu changes / tweaks
  • ui themes
  • fix for checkpoints
  • rework of 1 hit / 1 life gameplay options
  • reworked player animations
  • fixed some player animation bugs
  • arcade settings / arcade selections stored through game restart
  • changed quick arcade settings page
  • more general settings and customizations
  • new menu music
  • text turning to blocks hopefully reduced (will need further testing)
  • fixes and optimizations
Version 4.0

4.0.19 [last update with old format]

  • ui theme issues have been resolved
  • all new settings are now saved on restart
  • current settings for arcade are now saved on restart
  • changed quick arcade settings page
  • more settings and customizations
  • new menu sfx
  • text turning to blocks hopefully reduced (will need further testing)
  • tweaks to default themes
  • small fixes and optimizations


  • made it so to upload a level you need a valid artist url (shows error otherwise)
    • Select the location of the artist's stuff youtube / spotify / etc then simply enter their username in the text field
  • can now specify a theme for the menus in the game (not yet saved on reload)
    • I know that themes will glitch after enter arcade settings or arcade sort (this will be fixed in 4.1.0)
  • can now specify music for the menus in the game (not yet saved on reload)
  • can now specify sfx for the player / checkpoints in the game (not yet saved on reload)
  • other small menu improvements
  • removed game playing in background
  • reduced time till repeat on keypress for menus (0.8s to 0.25s)
  • some of the optimizations coming in 4.1.0 made it in but not a ton (still need a bit more time)


  • Fixed issues with checkpoint animations
  • Fixed main menu overdraw issue


  • No longer will the arcade play the glitch in image effect on images over 512 x 512 in size (speeds up transition, level creators need to address if the want the glitch effect back)
  • Slight changes
  • Can play in BG
  • Slight Changes to Garbage Collection for RAM optimizations


  • Added deep linking for links that made sense. Parsec / Steam
  • Fixed issue with pausing before level start
  • Fixed issue with player not showing up in editor
  • Fixed issue with checkpoint position gui
  • Cleaned up intro animation making the transition far smoother
  • Small tweaks and Fixes
  • Tweaked autokill to hopefully solve some issues people are having
  • Added news in main menu
  • Menu Tweaks


  • Fixed a few editor bugs not allowing for keyframes to be changed


  • Fixed parenting issue


  • Reduced / Fixed player stutter (may still stutter slightly at REALLY high speed, especially the trail...working on it)
  • Fixed issue with arcade showing boilerplace songs page
  • Removed SVG till it's revisited
  • Small optimizations
  • Fixed buttons getting stuck in a particular state in keyframe timelines and object timeline
  • Fixed theme issues and color flashes
  • Player movement speed and dash slightly altered


  • Some editor optimizations reverted while i test and fix them fps will be lowered again to much like before


  • MOAR OPTIMIZATIONS (huge improvements in editor specifically)
  • Added new gameplay options menu under config this will soon be getting more stuff but for now includes a toggle for controller rumble - Fixed arcade not loading bug
  • Small Bug Fixes


  • Added back in vSync
  • Added back in the "blip" sound on startup
  • Adjusted glitch affect in menus
  • Several optimizations should actually see a noticable improvement in arcade and the main menus


  • Added per prefab object start position / rotation / scale (gui still hidden while i finish it up, but entire function is there)
  • Added better messages for when Arcade has no items to help newcomers / when you're offline / when you skip arcade loading
  • Minor bug fixes
  • More work done on effects (gui still hidden while i finish it up)
  • Fixed some issues with SVGs they still might break but I'm slowly making them better (once they are stable I'll allow them in arcade)


  • Fixed player movement with controllers to normalize boost speed so you can't "hold position boost" anymore
  • Redid menu input to support left stick + dpad for all menu elements (besides editor)
  • Fixed issues with controllers not having correctly mapped buttons (tested on ps4 / xbox one / xbox 360 / fight stick / etc)
  • Fixed issue with background rendering


  • Attempt at fixing player first hit slowdown
  • Made UI and behavior of one life / one hit mode more along the lines of what you'd expect
  • Fixed player death animation glitch in some cases
  • Escape / back now works on arcade settings menu to go back to level preview
  • Few small optimizations
  • Worked on effect update (not yet in game)
  • Worked on end screen (not yet in game)
  • Worked on better Discord RP (not yet in game)
  • Slight adjust to player trail to not have each part overflow into the next
  • Changed game icon (actually happened a while back forgot to put it in the update logs)
  • Updated default steam upload cover image
  • Removed support for # in level names


  • more permanent fix for the float issue in other localizations
  • added fix for most invalid svgs


  • fixed white flash issue for the most part
  • testing new float parse system that auto validates and will clean up your input (only implemented in one text field for now (prefab offset one))
  • reverted some float changes i made in last update
  • fixed unpause issues WaitForSeconds -> WaitForSecondsRealtime (seems unity changed their api call lol)


  • added fix for languages that don't use dot for decimal values (thank @Linkyop for their help getting this bug fixed)


  • added better logging to the menu system to aid in fixing menu issues (if the main menu still doesn't load please get the update and send the logs for it cause it should now have the info i need)


  • added tinting to custom svg objects


  • fixed editor load bug (player insta dying)
  • reduced time at the end of levels while in arcade for loading back to arcade

4.0.4 (where is it!?)

  • removed vSync option for now due to it being buggy (it's turned off for everyone)
  • updated / tweaked player animations (spawn / boost / hit / death)
  • tweaked player particle systems
  • tweaked player trail
  • small optimzations for editor
  • SVG collisions now work (still no color tinting or arcade yet but will be hopefully by later today)
  • tweaked player sound effects
  • tweaks of ui system to better calculate time for animations (hope this fixes some of the issues yall are having)
  • updated to unity 2019 and .net 4.6.1 which should see some minor improvements and optimzations


  • fixed look of tooltip box
  • fixed issue with timescale in editor being effected by arcade settings
  • fixed issue with checkpoint gui not changing color to match other gui elements
  • made checkpoint gui more obvious when it activates
  • removed zen notifier in the start of a level (will replace with a better version later)
  • added ctrl + r key combo in editor to reload current selected object to preview random behavior
  • new level dialog now supports far more characters for level name
  • new level dialog now uses built in windows explorer window for .ogg file picking
  • temp fix for issue with object creation - added svg support
    • should be placed in the objects folder in the same place you'd find things like prefabs / themes
    • svg only supports poly shapes not lines for example
    • svg color tinting is turned off for now since there are will be added back soon
    • svg collision is turned off for now since there are bugs... it will be added back soon
    • svgs do not carry over into the arcade yet
  • optimizations done to improve fps / load times
  • small tweaks to editor gui


  • fixed issue when copying objects with parent offsets
  • fixed issue with object keyframe ui not updating
  • worked on code to make non 16:9 displays work in fullscreen (still doesn't work, play in windowed mode till fix if not 16:9 screen)
  • added custom message for people that skip loading the arcade
  • added custom message for people that don't have steam open or it's in offline mode


  • new parent offsets options
  • fixed deselecting of shape toggles
  • fixed keyframe jumper for objects not activating properly
  • new standard for tooltips that includes more info and multi-language support (will slowly be covering the entire editor)
    • [keys involved if any]
    • description of ui element
    • any additional tips
  • made object timeline zoom same as the primary timeline
  • minor ui tweaks in editor
  • optimized editor some for lower memory machines
  • small bugs fixed and small optimzations


  • Attempt at fixing editor preview crash bug
  • Laid groundwork for SVG importer to be used for custom objects in the GUI
  • Laid groundwork for grid system
  • Other small bug fixes
Version 3.0


  • tweaks to menus to clean up issues and reworded some stuff to make it more fiting for release
  • repacked font atlas files in a better way for future use
  • fixed issue with editor -> arcade breaking shake
  • fixed small visual glitch in sort song menu when backing out
  • fixed inconsistent horizontal buttons
  • trying new look for arcade with an extra row of levels (considering using it to have a proper search or something)


  • new intro animation
  • intro animation now only plays on level load instead of randomly playing
  • fixed issue with prefabs / objects not parsing random intervals for rotation

3.9.11 (update made with no version change)

  • removed un-intended easter egg
  • fixed some minor issues
  • added shirobon to menus


  • fixed small audio glitches / issues
  • added something else
  • small bug fixes and tweaks (editor)

3.9.10 (update made with no version change)

  • fixed all objects being invisible
  • added something


  • fixed issue with text objects not becoming empty objects
  • fixed issue with buttons being unelectable when in arcade screen
  • updated some underlying dependencies for performance
  • reverted change for text fields
  • fixed arrows on events
  • added new shapes (hexagon class)
  • started work on effects not yet in the game (ripple / blur / pixelize)

3.9.9 (update made with no version change)

  • fixed issue with difficulty not displaying properly in arcade info screen


  • fixed issue with placing checkpoints in editor
  • improved some editor UI / fixed some minor issues
  • fixed broken ease types (InOutBack / InOutBounce)
  • started laying ground work for physical arcade version of pa
  • added photosensitive warning
  • added more characters to font
  • fixed issue with arcade settings screen
  • small UI improvements
  • improved arcade loading screen
  • laid groundwork for offline mode


  • fixed issues with shake in arcade
  • nerfed controller shake amount
  • removed debug commands accidentally left in build
  • fixed random keyframe not saving on rotation
  • arcade now saved your level selection on leaving entering for that session
  • small optimizations / updates


  • added arcade specific options
  • speed up / slow down / one hit / one death / zen modes added to arcade options
  • added arcade "get song" button which allows you to quickly go to buy / listen to an artist's songs
  • added new drop down for artist song location in the meta data editor (need to set and then reupload your level to make the "get song" button show up on your levels)

3.9.6b (no in game version number change)

  • fix for repeating checkpoint animation


  1. minor ui changes (ie. browser for editor)
  2. initial beatmap tweaked slightly
  3. beatmap name can use numbers now
  4. theme's being edited no longer resets their ID
  5. minor selection bugs fixed
  6. checkpoints much more stable now
  7. other small tweaks / fixes


  • fixed workshop descriptions now properly showing the difficulty string
  • workshop items now have properly timestamped update notes
  • new easy option for difficulty
  • arcade now shows difficulty easily with colors
  • small ui tweaks


  • fixed issue with tail rendering being fps dependent
  • fixed some issues with rewind getting "stuck"
  • fixed issue with arcade not loading more then 50 levels
  • fixed tons of small bugs with editor
  • fixed issue with random elements not properly having their settings saved
  • updated intro animation
  • updated pause and countdown from pause screens
  • updated store page to include new screenshots / early access info
  • updated workshop page


  • fixed long time bug with scale and position keyframes... but it might break older levels so check your stuff just in case
  • fixed issues with prefabs not updating when collapsed and when their lead time was changed
  • fixed reverse animation not playing
  • few other small bug fixes


  • fixed ability to edit children objects without massive breakage
  • added quick way of knowing if people are playing in zen mode (better permanent version to come)
  • added error checking for corrupt metadata files
  • few other small bug fixes


  • fixed ability to edit / delete bg elements
  • fixed ability to drag to select event keyframes
  • few other small bug fixes


  • fixed the ability to delete first event keyframe when multiple are selected
  • better errors when deleting keyframes
  • selected event keyframes properly turn white now
  • laid groundwork for multi-keyframe editing
  • keyframe selections are now stored per object so as to allow quickly picking up where you left off when switching between editing different objects
  • Added drag to select for keyframes on objects
  • fixed scrolling on events layer sometimes not zooming in and out
  • zooming in and out now snaps to the general area of the playhead as you zoom


  • possible fix for the editor disintegration


  • fixed issue with backing out of arcade info view
  • fixed issue with some arcade levels custom icons not loading due to size issue
  • fixed issue with beatmap updater not working on arcade


  • added save to clipboard option [hold shift] (removed only used while testing now)
  • removed error checker
  • added 3 more random options (listed below)
    • none
    • normal: between two values completely at random
    • snap: between two values but only whole numbers
    • toggle: picks one of the values only
    • scale: takes values and multiples it by a random value between two random values
  • fixed color buttons being white when first selected
  • minor saving optimizations (less then 1/4th the file size)


  • Removed object checker on level load to discourage deletion of objects in case that's the issue
  • Added ability to get the lsb file contents pasted into your clipboard when saving (make sure you hold down shift for it to do it)


  • fixed issues with new waveform generation
  • updated shaders to handle text rendering behind or in front of objects
  • fixed workshop version number and id not showing in the metadata editor / uploader making it more clear that if you need to update a level or change it you just reupload it! ;P
  • performance improvements
  • reduced flashing visual glitches


  • fixed several issues with the arcade selection GUI
  • fixed video playback in arcade levels
  • a few small optimizations


  • fixed issue with copied expanded objects from a prefab


[You can't benefit from the prefab updates without reimporting them sadly...]

  • pretty massive optimization to expanding prefabs
  • fixed dup issues with expanded prefabs
  • copy now properly auto selects all pasted objects again
  • changed the way invisiblity is handled so it should be more fair...however animations will be a bit glitchy till I have time to redo them for the new system
  • players spawn with 2 seconds of i frames


  • layers / bins / depths all have proper clamping which fixes issues like the objects going into the events layers and with the depth not being stored
  • testing of new waveform for timeline now with more detail (will add option to switch between both later)
  • added duplicate which takes all selected objects and copies them at their exact same time (ctrl+d)
  • cleaned up copy / paste / duplicate / delete code
  • render timeline function now only renders events when event layer is active (optimization)
  • render timeline function now only renders objects when one of the object layers is active (optimization)
  • Pasting objects are now better optimized so they don't regenerate all objects
  • fixed issues with some objects not getting ids generated


  • Objects spawned with object button now get put in proper index
  • Added better error checking to objects
  • Depth for objects is now more predictable in nature
  • Fixed spawned object not getting proper update
  • Fixed ability to remove only level object
  • Added easter egg
  • Reduced default random bgs count to 25 (was 100)
  • Invulnerability time x2 after a hit (1 sec -> 2 sec)
  • Added new object setting for "empty" objects useful for bosses
  • themes with duplicate ids will appear as an error on load
  • small optimization


  • fixed double button hit arcade bug
  • fixed theme gui not being saved properly leading to it not showing up outside editor
  • fixed a few issues with themes transitioning
  • fixed issues with screen shake


  • fixed themes so they now generate with IDs
  • All existing levels in the arcade will work fine but this new system requires any levels being edited to reselect their themes (sorry)
  • If you have any issues at all please tell me
  • Also if you have .lsb files in your themes folder without ids they will get converted to .lsbs with ids in them automatically on next load of the editor


  • Level optimizations leading to significant fps uptick in some levels
  • Fixed screenshot to clipboard


  • increased desciption line characters show to 96
  • more menu optimizations (x5 performance in some cases)
  • fixed issue that could cause arcade loading to freeze
  • 3.8.38 F9 / P -> Take Screenshot and Save to Folder
  • F10 -> Take Screenshot and Copy to Clipboard
  • F11 -> Switch Between Windowed and FullScreen
  • Small optimizations to menu system

Tweaks to main menu

  • musicians page updated
  • minor formating fixes

Tweaks to Player

  • Boost Time went from 1.7 to 1.5 seconds
  • Base Speed went from 28 to 20
  • Boost Speed went from 95 to 78


  • fixed issue with menu getting stuck
  • fixed several keyframe drag issues
  • fixed a few render issues
  • optimized object editor (should be less lag)
  • fixed issue with script execution order


  • fixed arcade reload (for real this time i think)
  • fixed arade loading getting skipped on crashes and weird game closes
  • fixed issue with corrupt levels making arcade not load
  • levels without loadable music don't appear in arcade
  • switching sort method properly goes to first page
  • correct amount of levels displayed per page


  • removed depth limits....fixing depth bug

3.8.33 (intermediate)

  • updated to unity 2018.3
  • changed build mode of the game to C++


  • patched the inback outback meme


  • fixed triangle collision / rotation
  • fixed helper button displaying inversly

[not release version only to make sure some changes are locked in]

  • Open Level Folder / Levels Folder added
  • Slight editor animation optimizations...might cause graphical issues please let me know
  • All curve animation dropdowns are synced and are now easier to all configure at once
  • Fixed issues with gui letting you delete keyframes you shouldn't be able to
  • Autokill off by default
  • Depth 10 by default with the slider able to go from 0-20
  • Added backspace as option for delete
  • Other optimizations and minor bug fixes


  • player moveable always while in editor
  • fixed dead player bodies not playing death animation
  • fixed issue with shake not reseting between arcade levels
  • fixed issue where players sometimes would get kicked out of level
  • player hit particles color not set by gui instead of player color
  • fixed thin outline icons being too thin
  • fixed issue with multi-selected delete on prefabs (actually fixed a lot of similar issues)


  • properly resets themes when going between levels


  • fixed character movement speed on controllers (no longer forced to normalize)
  • added several new shapes
  • minor bug fixes


  • Object purge no longer deletes objects on prefab collapse
  • Possibly fixed theme issues in arcade


  • fixed player respawn not being able to move issue
  • fixed the pause gui not grabbing the gui colors from the level theme
  • fixed player boosting when returning from paused level state


  • removed mp3 usage for levels (too many issues) [legacy break]
  • optimized background objects saving
  • overhauled player controller and animations
  • fixed bug with background fades drawing
  • added fade toggle to background dialog


  • temp fix for collapse dead object creation / prefab duplication [horrible for optimization]
  • reduced(fixed?) issues with color animation issues
  • fixed issue where the collapse / expand buttons would randomly mess with the bins of the objects in weird ways


  • fixed issue with children not being effected by the specified components of their parents


  • fixed issue with parents getting messed up with prefab import


  • fixed song length in arcade menu so it's accurate now
  • fixed line divider length in arcade menus
  • fixed issue with prefab selection causing weird render errors in timeline
  • optimizations with render code
  • prefabs added to a level more then once now properly get assigned a new ID and have their name + [instance]
  • Game now automatically removes invalid prefab instance objects on load
  • Started work on prefab repeater


  • tweaked positioning of title / artist for intro
  • fixed issue with null pointer in editor


  • fixed issue where sometimes when dying prior to first checkpoint game would incorrectly think you got to the end
  • fixed loading stutter issue
  • added fade in and song title / artist to all levels


  • cleaned up player code
  • redid dash animation
  • dash is slightly more controlled now (I plan to make it even more so)
  • redid player trailer animations
  • made audio folders load better to ensure minimal ram usage for arcade


  • fixed issue with prefab object duplication on expand and collapse
  • WARNING: old levels will not have the issue fixed until they collapse then reexpand all objects


  • added parent types
  • started work on visual theme creator


  • fixed look of scrollbar for object editor
  • added parent influencer buttons for children (only for testing user doesn't see)
  • added more options to multi-select dialog
  • added ability to load directly from .mp3 files


  • fixed locked objects / prefabs rendering their icons incorrectly in the timeline
  • fixed prefab duplication issue
  • fixed issue with prefabs breaking after new object added


  • fixed type selection on prefabs having visual glitch
  • fixed markers not actually starting with no name
  • fixed small issue with prefab that can't be found
  • fixed scrollbar for objects in prefab
  • fixed dragging current selected object not updating object timeline
  • added object autokill functionality


  • fixed massive issue with prefab collapse deleting all objects associated with a prefab


  • fixed issue with text input toggling edit mode
  • minor bug fixes
  • fixed issue with collapsing prefabs being way too big
  • fixed stack overflow on rendertimeline calls
  • cleaned up and optimized some rendering code


  • clamped waveform texture to a smaller width to stop crashing on larger files (future update should stack textures somehow to allow for more quality on larger files)
  • fixed issue with logger


  • made the prefab creation window type selection more obvious
  • fixed different timeline render bugs (there's still a really weird one but I'll fix tomorrow)
  • slight performance boost on prefab editing


  • added workshop level tag to uploaded levels
  • removed confusing name messages in copy / cut / paste / delete notifications
  • fixed issue with prefabs not pasting with prefab window open
  • fixed scrolling of prefab selection getting cut off


  • Removed outdated object selector from prefab creator dialog
  • changed action when creating prefab on button click
  • checkpoints now properly get selected even when prefab dialog is shown
  • fixed issue with background elements getting selected even when dialogs were over them


  • fixed rendering issue in editor
  • cleaned up code


  • added event keyframe drag to select
  • fixed paste on multi-select sometimes not working


  • added layer / bin options to prefabs


  • fixed prefab copy / paste
  • bug fixes with prefab objects
  • prefabs now correctly store text
  • pasted keyframes now update timeline size
  • objects created on eventlayer change layer so you see them being created
  • dragging keyframes properly updates time in their edit view
  • text length for text objects has increased to infinite
  • layer selection made more obvious with use of circles
  • fixed issue with pasted objects being able to be put on event layer in some cases
  • all pasted objects get selected instead of last object to get pasted


[Edior's note: four versions have this number]

  • Optimizations
  • Fixed most optimization based bugs
  • Updated menu and parsec / online page
  • fixed issue with backing out of parsec menu page
  • temporary fix for prefab preview update issue


  • optimizations
  • marker spawns with no name


  • Optimizations for large levels
  • Markers are now made with no name defined

[Note: This version has been reverted]


[Edior's note: three versions have this number]

  • fixed issue with timeout for arcade loader
  • added offset option for selected prefab
  • optimization for drag to select
  • fixed prefab dialog overpowering marker dialog
  • Added ability to scroll over object values to quickly change them
  • changed default timeline zoom
  • fixed invalid collision on some object shapes


  • added autosave functionality
  • works by saving up to 3 copies of your beatmap every 10 minutes then these files can then be used to replace the level.lsb file in the case of corruption or forgetting to save


  • dramatically decreased time it takes to load in arcade levels on startup


  • fixed bug when exiting input select
  • fixed verious issues with different controllers disconnecting and reconnecting


  • added quick elements for the gui
  • fixed issue with objects having physics....
  • updated first boot screen


  • fixed colors for text objects


  • mostly fixed collision issues with different new shapes
  • removed collision on text
  • changed font on text objects
  • text now properly displays instead of getting wrapped
  • save popups better shown
  • truned down main menu music [! finally]
  • changed ui fonts


  • changed bpm slider to 50-300 and now can have non-whole numbers
  • added GUI color for themes that controls the player trail color and the timeline color
  • Use "gui" to change the gui color


  • Added drag to multiselect
  • Fixed issue with placeholder button getting shown in editor


  • fixed issue with arcade levels not loading prefab objects

[this is a hotfix build no other changes were made]


  • Added timeline locking with Ctrl + L
  • Minor Bug fixes
  • Smoothed timeline calculations
  • Minor Tweaks
  • Started work on drag to select


  • fixed issue with prefab not getting put on current layer
  • fixed issue with multi-delete
  • fixed issue with prefab delete
  • fixed dotted line render issue


  • added new shape options
  • fixed minor bugs


  • Added collapse as an option for objects created from expanding a prefab
  • Better handling of left part of the object editor


  • added expand option to prefabs to edit specific update will allow for re-collapsing them


  • added delete prefab options for internal / external
  • added methods to control deleting of files


  • New Prefab system
  • timeline bug fixes


  • overhauled timeline renderer to work with prefabs

[build will not be uploaded - simply for keeping track of changes by liam]


  • fixed type loading issue
  • reworked gui for prefabs to make new system more clear

[build will not be uploaded - simply for keeping track of changes by liam


  • worked on prefab overhaul
  • clear popups on dropdown select fixed


  • removed rumble for controllers (temp)
  • fixed circ / expo / quad eases inout
  • fixed layer slider
  • multi-object bin movement
  • fixed snapping on pasting / dragging event keyframes


  • fixed player color switching


  • Added custom themes (holy shit no way!?)


  • fixed layer rendering issues
  • fixed layer keycode issues
  • consolodated layer rendering code
  • fixed marker dialog presistance
  • reverted iframe fix


  • Updated tweening engine
  • Added optimization for tweening engine
  • Fixed graphical optimization
  • Tried fixing iframe issue again.....
  • Made death rewind animation better
  • Optimized Backgrounds
  • Added an extra layer
  • Fixed marker positioning on timeline
  • Added marker dialog to change colors
  • Added marker names
  • Added marker descriptions
  • Added marker keycodes to jump between them ctrl+alt+left/right
  • made longer names possible for objects
  • various other small improvements


  • Fixed issue with difficulty display
  • Fixed issue with description display


  • Fixed oval collision
  • Fixed player hit i-frames issue
  • Worked further on optimizations


  • updated story level


  • beatmap updater works. This first test is saving with less spaces and with value_x -> x and value_y -> y
  • multithreaded saving in editor so no performance hit
  • small optimizations to reduce file size of levels


  • fixed issue with dragging timeline breaking main timeline


  • fixed a mega bug ;P (scaling fix)
  • Fixed prefabs not carrying over shapes
  • fixed weird rounding issues in some cases


  • fixed issue with objects not deleting properly


  • added new object keyframe eases Quad / Circ / Expo
  • fixed render bug with objects
  • added names to timeline objects
  • added different rendering style for helper objects in the timeline
  • fixed issue with prefab tooltip
  • fixed issue with event keyframe times not updating


  • added object timeline zoom / position presistance for each object :goodshit:
  • fixed color overflow


  • fixed issue with colors not appearing / loading correctly at all times in editor
  • added black to donuts


  • changed rewind sound / time
  • fixed onfocus issue unpausing


  • fixed cut issue with keyframes
  • fixed not being able to have spaces in new level name
  • fixed colors not loading issue


  • added randomization to scale / rotation
  • fixed issue with random being used more then once not working


  • fixed issue with keyframe order not updating properly when placing down keyframes
  • fixed issue with size of timeline objects not updating correctly


  • Game auto pauses when defocused
  • Fixed menu buttons
  • Fixed cursor issue slightly
  • Decreased editor load time on startup (by changing default song (also now a slight easter egg))
  • parent popup now autofocuses when clicked to search quicker
  • parent popup text is presistent
  • fixed issues with invalid parent options showing up in popup
  • added black and white objects to almost all current themes


  • Quick patch to fix parent z-depth error


  • Fixed issue with objects at time 0 on the master timeline
  • Event Keyframes now work like object ones were they inheret the properties of the one placed right before it
  • Fixed lens arrows being two precise
  • Made the resolution of the timeline increase based on length of song leading to a higher fedelity timeline


  • fixed scrolling being weird sometimes on main timeline with mousewheel for zoom
  • removed snapping for event keyframes (temp fix)
  • removed eronous update object call (optimization)
  • Fixed issue with event keyframe delete shortcut not working
  • optimized multi-delete of event keyframes


  • removed cloning of rotation events when adding a new one


  • Fixed issue with save as dialog


  • fixed issue with keyframes being dragged and not updating timeline
  • fixed issue with start time not always updating object
  • small object optimization
  • fixed issue with keyframe not being clone of prior one when added...making it more tedious then needed


  • Fixed issue with parents and children depths


  • Fixed issue with levels bleeding and crashing editor
  • Fixed issue with editor crashing on reload
  • Added sub-images to the discord presense
  • Tweaked player to feel a bit more response and to look a bit better


  • Fixed [escape] not working as valid back button in arcade song preview
  • Fixed speed of drawing when many spaces are in the text
  • Removed creepypasta
  • Added thumbnail images to arcade buttons
  • Fixed number of levels loading per page in arcade
  • Changed text loading cursor
  • Added mip-mapping to thumbs


  • Fixed arcade image loading / display
  • Added ability to skip level loading with escape while arcade is loading in intro


  • Fixed shake event issues
  • Fixed theme event issues
  • Fixed text shape issues
  • Fixed level loading issues (nulled everything without re-init)


  • Fixed issue with parents getting killed when their children are duplicated


  • First iteration of text objects


  • fixed circle / triangle / rect depth issues


  • Added Triangles / Rects / Circles as shapes options


[Edior's note: two versions have this number]

  • Added beta warning Screen on startup
  • Added Arcade reload to config submenu
  • Fixed shake and made it more normal
  • Fixed object jerk on creation in some cases
  • Fixed issues with editor arrows for random position
  • Added discord link to main menu
  • Fixed Object Snap with rotation


  • added delete all backgrounds button


  • Multi-select / drag works for object keyframes now
  • Copy / Paste works for keyframes in object timeline
  • Changed arrows to tap instead of hold for timeline movement


  • Fixed shake not rendering
  • Fixed deleted keyframes not updating preview


  • Fixed drag issue where objects would unselect after drag
  • Fixed issue with dragging objects not updating in preview


  • Fixed keyframe selection / drag issue


  • Fixed slider / arrows being weird in object editor


  • Changed editor main timeline bar to fit more with the new setup
  • Fixed no parent button
  • massive refactoring and rendering code changes to object editor dialogs
  • Fixed marker rendering in-correctly
  • Added ability to quit during steam level refresh


  • Refactored object code to better store events


  • Fixed lens distort mislabel
  • Fixed reversing events error
  • Fixed event adding bug
  • started on object keyframe copying


  • Fixed issue with editor crashing after playing level


  • Fixed dropdown hover issue
  • Added multi-selection / multi-drag / multi-copy to event keyframes (soon to finish object event keyframes)


  • Fixed scrolling sensitivity for easing
  • Fixed text size and color for files in file browser
  • started implementing copying keyframes


  • started reimplementing keyframe copying / multi-select / drag
  • started fixing editor event bugs


  • Fixed issue with move initial event


  • Fixed naming object bug


  • Fixed build issue


  • finished adding in all events
  • fixed dialogs


  • fixed checkpoint bug


  • object editor truly completely redone no bugs found at this time


  • fixed link for tutorials
  • basically done with new object editor gui just testing left for small bugs


  • nearly finished object editor dialog overhaul
  • started work on event editor new dialog


  • completely finished background object editor dialog redesign


  • Fixed issue with discord deactivating early
  • Redid discord integration
  • Fixed a few issues with background editor


  • Fixed bug that would cause memory leak with random objects spawn


  • massive update to how events are stored allowing for better fps / load times / quicker dev time
  • now able to drag and place events
  • Fixed issue with dragging timeline
  • can now play songs from arcade again
  • reworked text for selecting prefabs
  • added time / bpm into metadata folder


  • Overhauled most of editor UI
  • Fixed a ton of small bugs


  • Switched level album art to level.jpg from level.png


  • Finished adding all new event types
  • Added new background generation on level create


  • Started creation of new event types and finished old ones


  • Updated way zooming is handled


  • Started massive event overhaul
  • Finished position


  • Small changes before level refactor pushing to have clean slate


  • Added ids to prefabs
  • Added start of versioning control and update methods
  • Fixed small bug


  • Fixed checkpoint rendering
  • Fixed object rendering
  • Updated multuiple views for the new x2 rendering


  • Changed the open beatmap dialog


  • Started overhaul of editor timeline
  • Started transfer of all GUI to x2 resolution for better viewing of text and small icons


  • Changing around rendering settings to optimize a bit for lower-end hardware


  • Fixed bug that plagued the game for years (procrastination is a hell of a drug)...checkpoints now function correctly in the editor preview mode


  • Made startup more thematic and more informative


  • Made all arcade levels frontloaded so they load while the game "boots up" making the experience much better overall when going into the editor. It also now streams the audio to allow for better RAM usage as well as quicker load times


  • Made terminal clicks more noticable adding a lot to feel of the menu


  • Updated and worked on loading issues


  • Redid arcade to load faster


  • Bugs
    • Fixed arcade exiting issue
  • Changes
    • Reverted sine transition styles to old styles


  • Changes
    • Changed the way eases are stored
  • Features
    • Added new ease type instant


  • Changes
    • Started Arcade menu changes
  • Features
    • Layed groundwork for leaderboards and better steam integration


[Edior's note: three versions have this number]

  • Bugs
    • Optimized is_random in the level files
    • Fixed issue with objects not getting placed on current layer
    • Fixed issue keyframe dragging snapping to start
    • Fixed issue with looping video bg in editor not restarting
    • Fixed loading bg.mp4 for video background
    • Fixed issue with metadata not showing up when settings is up
    • Fixed issue with rendering in arcade with names with a colon
    • Fixed shift + drag to change object bins
    • Pasting things automatically snaps them to bpm as well now
  • Changes
    • Added layer key shortcuts and updated their descriptions
    • New level now automatically sets song title and creator info for metadata
    • Added help section in titlebar
    • Icons
    • Made snapping more consistent
    • Made it impossible to edit first event /checkpoint / keyframe times
    • Removed themes from settings
    • Actually changed tooltips for layers
    • Minor change to make objects spawn with 2,2 size


  • Bugs
    • Fixed shift + drag to change object bins
    • Pasting things automatically snaps them to bpm as well now
  • Changes
    • Added help section in titlebar
    • Icons
    • Made snapping more consistent
    • Made it impossible to edit first event /checkpoint / keyframe times
    • Removed themes from settings


  • Changes
    • Added button noise
    • Changed look of loading screen
    • Fixed VideoManager Bug
    • Fixed mismatched saves bug


  • Changes
    • Checkpoint editor gui fully functional now


  • Changes
    • Added rotational parenting
    • Fixed weird parenting render issues


  • Changes
    • Added back in the checkpoint preview
    • Updated checkpoint editor look
    • Made it more clear when selecting a prefab in the editor


  • Changes
    • When zooming your view focuses on the right spot
    • Added go to current time shortcut shift + home
    • Added more editor info
    • Added ability to select a prefab to match to a key for quick spawning


  • Changes
    • Added more prefab errors
    • Fixed issue with arrows not going correct direction for prefab offset time
    • Fixed buttons for prefab creation scrolling and search
    • Objects selected in prefab panel now update timeline objects
    • Added new object group element to beatmap to keep track of spawned in prefabs


  • Changes
    • Added lines for offset of prefabs to better align with start
    • fixed line rendering issues
    • Fixed issue with position rendering for camera
    • Fixed issue with position editing where arrows didn't work
    • Added type selection in prefab creator


  • Features
    • Added Video Playback
  • Bugs
    • Fixed issues with last event keyframs glitching when reloaded
    • fixed events / objects with start time of zero


  • Changes
    • Worked on events more


  • Features
    • Theme fading is fully working as well as all other events. [still unable to edit them in editor though that is coming soon]
  • Changes
    • Updated DoTween
  • Fixes
    • Fixed bad scaling issue / rotation issue. Objects render much smoother now no weirdness


  • Changes
    • Started adding back in different events


  • Features
    • Added BPM snapping into the editor
  • Broken
    • Events completely don't work
  • Changes
    • All timeline objects now use same code to get dragged
    • Timline objects are a bit offset from the absolute start


  • Features
    • Added pirate easter egg ;)
  • Bugs
    • Fixed presence persistance on game quit.


[Edior's note: two versions have this number]

  • Features
    • Added theme selector
  • Changes
    • Worked on object optimization
    • Added end of object line in keyframe timeline
    • Updated thanks
  • Bugs
    • Fixed issue with new level dialog drawing behind open level dialog


  • Changes
    • Added co-op player respawns when passing checkpoint
    • Checkpoint's now have a sfx / animation when passed
    • Shortened unpause timer
  • Bugs
    • Fixed issues with levels going to arcade and vise versa and levels not ending


[Edior's note: two versions have this number]

  • Changes
    • Had to update references
    • Changed version number


  • Features
    • New Story Level
  • Changes
    • Fixed grammar error on arcade page
  • Bugs
    • Tons of optimizations (should see a large improvement in fps)
    • Fixed metadata double load


  • Worked on BPM and failed to finish implementation before 3.4.0 release


  • Changes
    • Changed Level Dropdown to Steam
  • Features
    • Added Settings Dialog [Currently dones't work]


  • Bugs
    • Fixed Discord DLL issues
  • Changes
    • Created depots for 32 and 64 bit win os


  • Bug
    • Fixed deleting bug
  • Features
    • Added multi-delete


  • Bugs
    • Fixed blury rendering of timeline waveform
    • Fixed dialog selection being weird


  • Features
    • Added rich presence support for discord


  • Changes
    • Changed build number


  • Bugs
    • Fixed random issue where objects would stack


  • Bug
    • Fixed object deselect when click on only selected object with shift
  • Change
    • Only show multi object dialog when multiple objects actually selected


  • Features
    • Multi object copy / paste added


  • Bugs
    • Fixed issues with dragging in timeline


  • Features
    • Added multi object dragging
  • Changes
    • Object highlighting in timeline
    • Made prefab editor autoselect objects in current selection when making a new one
  • Bugs
    • Fixed prefab editor bugs


  • Features
    • Added prefab offset


  • Features
    • Further compeleted prefab implimentation into the editor


  • Changes
    • Going to start increasing version number in more standard way to ensure testers have correct version


[Edior's note: eight versions have this number]

  • Features
    • Started work on Prefab Manager
  • Changes
    • Decreased keyframe timeline overflow to just 1/10th a second
    • Made checkpoint line smaller and more representative of the actual time the checkpoint is
    • Updated editor preview level
    • Removed unused steam levels button in dropdown
  • Bugs
    • Fixed issue with object ordering breaking randomization in children
    • Fixed issue with invisible objects in timline when too small
    • Fixed error messages
    • Fixed random items all going to same locations
    • Fixed Success message for saving
    • Fixed curve types not being copied
    • Screenshot only happens when not typing in text field
    • Fixed uploading default level


  • Fixed arcade loading issues.
  • Fixed multiple issues with editor crashing / breaking in different cases.
  • So many others I won't bore you with the whole list but let's just say it was a lot.


  • Play Steam Workshop levels in new Arcade mode!
  • Upload custom made levels from the editor to Steam Workshop!
  • Completely reworked Object Editor. Including new features like ease types.


  • Removed mouse control on menus


Any levels made before this update will no longer be compatible. hence why the story mode no longer has any levels really. I will be working on a new demo level for next update. Stay tuned!


  • Fixed player dup bug
  • Fixed disconnect bug
  • Fixed file browser bug


  • Added pause on controller disconnect
  • Added pause screen
  • Added rumble into the game
  • Added clearplayers to menu actions
  • Controllers reconnect to the player they were attached to after disconnect


  • Working on different menu intro
  • changed what buttons act as escape / boost / join

Version 1.0

  • Removed Pause Menu
  • 2 Full Levels
  • Made beatmap intro better!
  • Completely redone editor.
  • Fixed so many bugs.

  • Added Pause Menu!
  • Added new beatmap!
  • Made beatmap intro better!
  • Added some stuff to the editor…
    • Backgrounds can be moved with mouse
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Ctrl + V pastes a copied object
  • Lots of optimization
  • Fixed some rendering bugs
  • Other random bug fixes

  • Main Menu improvements and bug fixes
  • Fix for EventManager in game, no longer stops working after death of player
  • Other minor bug fixes

  • Added temporary health bar system
  • Added intro animation for level
  • Optimized editor’s way of rendering the object list
  • Changed beatmaps to use .ogg files instead of .wav
  • Fixed the background camera in editor mode
  • Fixed a lot of bugs…


  • Versions 3.8.46 and below were announced via a GitHub changes bot.