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My name is N-chan! I'll be your guide through the editor and give you useful tips and warnings!
- N-chan, Editor welcome menu

N-chan is a Project Arrhythmia character who appears in the Editor's menus. She acts as a guide for anyone using the level editor, giving them tips and reminders. She was created by axowotl.


N-Chan originally debuted as a mascot character for PASCAL, and would appear in animations that introduced different level sets to contestants. She would be added into the Project Arrhythmia editor with the 20.8.3 Development Branch update[1].



N-chan's body and hands are circles. She has two yellow-tipped horns on the top of her head, and yellow hair between them. Her eyes are both circles, and her mouth is a triangle.


N-chan appears friendly and supportive both in the Project Arrhythmia editor and the PASCAL cutscenes, and is excited to instruct others with both creating and playing levels. She compliments players for their progress and wishes them good luck often, and is almost always seen smiling. She also cares about the player, reminding them to take a break when level editing for long enough.[2]






  • N-chan's model in the PA editor was created by DIYDamian.