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Aratonati (also known as ArolfandToast and The Drawer) is a level creator best known for creating The Arama Archives, which features his two most popular boss characters, Nowo and Kitcat.

List of Levels

The Arama Archives

Melodical Escapism pack

Ad-OwO-ble pack

  • Moonlight Sonata (osu! mix)
  • Lights
  • Right Meow
  • Flight
  • Memories
  • Meowchine
  • Sugarsnap
  • The Explorer
  • I Like em Funky
  • Aeolia
  • Meowter Space
  • I Said Meow

Spectral pack

  • Indigo
  • Happiness
  • Circus
  • Experience Points
  • Cleyera


  • Exposition; Dycipherpunk
  • The Sea of Dreams
  • Unity
  • Dovregubben's Hall (New Ver.) (joke level for April Fools)
  • OwOpia (joke level)
  • Worlds Collide (Opia and Close to Me mashup)

Fragmented Pack

  • The Maze of Mayonnaise (original by Daneeko)