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Colossus is a boss created by ol666 who appears in the Black Heart storyline. He is a virus that was sent by Jestar Heart along with other assassins to steal one of the player's souls, and became the first of Jestar's assassins to succeed. He fought against the player in Exoplanet, defeating them from the inside by infecting their body.



Colossus is a green, round virus with eight virions and a pair of horns. Three teeth make it's shape a skull. It also have crown, black, upside down heart on a forehead and a pair of dark green eyes.


  • Infection of living things
  • Turning cells into green "infected" cells
  • Shooting lasers and bullets
  • Shape-shifting to form long arms, transform into a spiked ball, and to swing from a ceiling


  • Jestar Heart - arguably the only known relationship Colossus has, he is one of the assassins Jestar hired to steal Hal's souls. Presumably, their relationship is better than that of most assassins as Colossus is the only one to succeed.


  • In his original design, Colossus had the Black Heart logo on his head, as opposed to a more literally shaped black heart.
  • Colossus is the only Chapter 1 assassin who cannot be seen in The Heart Locket in Surface Tension, as he was successful in his mission and wasn't petrified by Medusa as punishment.
  • Colossus' name is ironic, as he is microscopic as a virus.



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