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Beware of Nautilus and Aura because they are in for a fight and they wont stop until they get what they want! Thanks Airsea for the thumbnail

First Crush is a level created by ol666. It is the first level in the Black Heart story collection. The level features two bosses, Nautilus and Aura, who both fight you together in the level as a team.



The level opens with a flash as a Project Arrhythmia heart logo appears in the background. Nautilus falls down onscreen from the right, and Aura floats down from the left. The two go to the center of the screen and high-five before starting their attacks.

This first gameplay section has Nautilus jumping up from the bottom to hit the player, while Aura teleports around and sends bullets from the top, along with an expanding hexagon wave. Nautilus will then switch to pounding the floor to create shockwaves while Aura summons lasers from her wand.

After this first round of attacks, Nautilus will appear tired and stop moving. While Aura moves over to help him, there are a few purple lasers to be dodged. Aura will eventually begin to summon expanding hexagon waves again, which speed up.

Checkpoint 1

Aura will touch Nautilus' head with her wand, causing his hands to grow even bigger than his body. This section uses similar attacks to before, with Nautilus' new hand attacks being thrown into the mix. Nautilus will also jump up and throw Aura sideways, as she sends a hailstorm of bullets down from her want.

Leading up to the second checkpoint, Nautilus will grow in size and move around the edges of the arena, while Aura sends even more bullets from her wand in the center. For this part, you should stay in the center to avoid Nautilus and dash through Aura's attacks.

Checkpoint 2

The screen will flash white, and Aura and Nautilus will both go into a giant red heart in the center of the screen. The heart will emit a pulse as it sends out tons of bullets shaped similarly to both Aura and Nautilus, along with some laser beams as well. This gameplay repeats for most of the section, until the arena from before returns, with Nautilus and Aura back in their original positions.

Nautilus will move himself to the center of the screen and wave to Aura, who sends a magical particle from her wand to Nautilus. Nautilus will slowly flash and move to the center of the screen.

Checkpoint 3

Nautilus will turn into a clock hand, and the arena will turn into a clock to match that. He'll slowly move around the screen as Aura attacks from outside of the clock. Occasionally Nautilus will send out a wave of bullets as well. Near the end of this section, Nautilus will transform back to normal and fall to the bottom of the clock. Aura teleports them both away, and the screen zooms in. You have to be in the middle of the screen to avoid taking damage. Just before the borders get close enough to cover the whole screen, they disappear with text saying "Just kidding".


  • The magic particle that Aura uses to turn Nautilus into a clock is almost identical in design to that of a Magikoopa from the Super Mario Bros. series.
  • The description for this level was updated. It used to say “ Fighting one boss is cool, but fighting 2 bosses at the same time is even cooler! Go on and try to beat both Aura and Nautilus in an unfair 1v2”



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